FEATURE: Exploring Cardiff’s new cycle superhighways

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen an increase in cyclists across Cardiff. In an effort to maintain the amount of new riders on the capital’s roads, the council has invested in new Cycle Superhighways. The new routes will allow for continuous cycle paths throughout the city, allowing an environmentally friendly connection between Cardiff’s communities and its’ major destinations.

COVID: Campsite in need of new toilets to allow Scouts to return

A campsite in Peterson Super-Ely, is looking to raise money to replace their old toilet facilities with a new sustainable toilet block. Scout groups across the UK are starting to return for in person meetings for the first time this year, but many have had to adapt their facilities to pass new coronavirus restrictions. The new toilet block would allow thousands of scouts to return for face-to-face sessions.

Behind Closed Doors: Why the pandemic hasn’t changed life much for those with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME) is a long-term illness that is often triggered by infections, problems with the immune system or mental health problems such as stress and trauma. It tends to be more common in women, with 70% of sufferers in Wales being female. But it is a misunderstood condition, and not easily diagnosable. It’s not until after numerous blood tests and having other conditions ruled out by a doctor that it may be finally diagnosed, as there are no specific tests that can be done to identify it.