Inspirational stories from South Wales


When I tell people I have rats I almost always have to clarify that I mean the pet kind, not the pest kind. And a look of disgust is still usually followed, “you mean you choose to keep rats?!” Yes. And they make wonderful pets. So let me tell you what I excitedly tell everyone […]

Phillip Henry, Wales' first Rastafarian beekeeper.

Meet Wales’ first Rastafarian beekeeper!

By Maidah Khan Phillip Henry is the co-founder of The Honeycomb Cooperative (THC), an organisation of Pan-African Welsh Apiarists. Phillip was helping a friend through the grief of losing his farm when he came to the realisation that his community had lost their connection to nature. “I grew up in Bristol in the eighties; it […]

Over 120 years of Roath Park: Changed but still the same

Roath Park has been enjoyed by generation after generation. Although its undergone many changes over the years, much of its iconic features remain the same today. Not only is it the same recognisable park as it was over 100 years ago, it also has taken the same space in Cardiffians hearts.  The park was officially […]

For the Love of Plants! A Succulent Story

How one businesswoman has grown her business from the roots, up! By Danni Graham Tucked away in a corner of the Boneyard, Canton, lies a little plant nursery that at first glance, is easy to miss, but so rewarding to find. Set in a small shipping container, filled to the brim with hundreds of different […]

Don’t Fear The Reaper! Join Him For A Bite!

Reaper Cardiff have set their roots in Canton as Wales’ first hot sauce bar opens it’s doors. By Danni Graham What began as a couple of young men with a love for spice and all things vegan friendly, quickly grew into what is now today known as Reaper Cardiff. Having gone from a small, pop-up […]

After The Chocolate, The Bunny Is Next To Go

4 out of 5 rabbits bought for Easter end up being dumped at shelters, abandoned in the wild or suffer an untimely death due to poor treatment and a lack of proper care. By Danni Graham Fighting the narrative of the “Easter Bunny” is an ongoing struggle for many pet shops, charities and rescues. Including […]

Poop like a champion 

If pooping and farting are natural body functions, then why be embarrassed about it:)

Always late but worth the wait: “ADHD is my superpower”

This year The Independent reported that hundreds of thousands more women tested themselves for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). ADHD is a condition that is estimated to affect 1 in 20 adults, however four times as many boys are diagnosed in comparison to girls. Why? ADHD presents itself differently in women, and it does not […]

Murder in the Name of “HONOUR”

By Farheen Farooq A woman can be targeted for murder for a variety of reasons, including refusing to enter into an arranged marriage or seeking a divorce or separation, possibly from an abusive husband. The mere suspicion that a woman has acted in a manner that could damage her family’s name may trigger an attack; […]

GHAG; An Anti-Feminist Pashtun Tradition

Break the Bias by awareness rising on evil tradition of Ghag on this International Women’s Day By Yusra Waheed The Patriarchal and ancient custom of “Ghag” is still haunting the Pakhtun women in parts of KP-Pakistan and the tribal belt of Pakistan. “Ghag” which means “to declare or announce” is a proclamation of ownership of […]

From Patriarchal Society to Strong Women Leaders-is not an easy Journey

Celebrating International Women’s Day with Pakistani Female Leaders from Lawyers to Trekkers, Models to CEOs, Bloggers to Entrepreneurs, who are constantly working to be empower other women and themselves through their strenuous efforts by challenging the patriarchy By Asia Jamil A few years ago, a survey by the London-based Thomson Reuters Foundation had ranked Pakistan […]

The 8-year-old Journalist you’ve probably not heard about..yet?

Words, images by Shaheen Shah and Video by Saqib Shah An 8-year-old social worker and Pakistan’s youngest journalist, Muhammad Hasnain is well known in Pakistan and across the borders owing to his voice and style for interacting with his audience.  Muhammad is a motivational speaker with a life’s mission to educate the street children who […]

The Trailblazer in Politics from the Conflict-Affected Tribal Area 

Words and images by khalida Niaz & Translated by Asia Jamil Since the inception of Pakistan, women from the Tribal Districts of Pakistan are deprived from the basic right of education. Women have faced hardships for decades in Tribal Districts, yet the 21st century has brought changes in the lives of women from those districts. Women […]

Bee Bricks

“If you’re looking to make more space for nature then the Bee Brick solitary bee house is for you. Great for garden lovers, design lovers and nature lovers, the Bee Brick is an innovative nesting site for solitary bees, created to look lovely just stood in your garden, with the innovation that the brick can also be […]

Cardiff Businesses and Covid

Meeting some of Cardiff ‘s small businesses to talk to them about how they are surviving the Covid crisis.

Bird Spotting

Words and pictures by Megan Ellis Bird watching was something I never really thought I would be interested in. Hours sitting in one place watching and waiting for something to fly by (and often without much luck) didn’t seem very appealing. However, after many days visiting the hides and surrounding myself in nature, I began […]

Spacemen: Not just a band

Words and pictures by Meg Ellis Jordan Timms, Liam Dean and Max Smith are a trio of songwriters and producers known as Spacemen. Together they work out of Numen Studios in Addlestone, Surrey, which was set up in 2017 and have produced, written, mixed and worked with many up and coming artists as well as […]

Making a Nest Box

Video, pictures and words by Olivia Davies Morgan Griffiths is a student at Bridgend college studying Wildlife and Countryside Management. He is eager to help our wildlife, one way he likes to do this is by creating nesting boxes for birds. Nesting boxes are vital as they provide a safe place for birds to build […]

Student Eats

Student healthy eating feature

Barry Island Pleasure Park

by Georgia Hill Short documentary about Barry Island Pleasure Park. Barry Island Pleasure Park, has brought people from across the world to Barry Island, South Wales. What once was a rundown seaside town, is now a thriving tourist attraction, bringing up to half a million visitors a year to the area. Photojournalist Georgia Hill went and […]

Post-Brexit reality in Wales through European Citizens eyes

Words and images by Karolina Król UK left the table is a project focusing on migrants from the European Union living in Post-Brexit reality around Wales. It’s been almost a year since the United Kingdom left the EU and a lot of things changed since. Sharing experiences of migration can have a positive impact on […]

FEATURE: Exploring Cardiff’s new cycle superhighways

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen an increase in cyclists across Cardiff. In an effort to maintain the amount of new riders on the capital’s roads, the council has invested in new Cycle Superhighways. The new routes will allow for continuous cycle paths throughout the city, allowing an environmentally friendly connection between Cardiff’s communities and its’ major destinations.

Manifestation for life goals

“I don’t really like to talk too much about some manifestations that are working because it’s kind of a rule to manifestation not to talk about it whilst you are manifesting something. Generally, when I write thanks to the universe for the wealth I have, money always seems to appear… for example, someone would buy something off my depop. It sounds mad but it actually happens!”

Help for Cardiff wildlife

Words and images by Meg Ellis Severn Wildlife Rescue are a team of volunteers who dedicate their time to preserving our wildlife. They have branches in Bristol, Avon and Cardiff and work to rescue and rehabilitate injured and sick wildlife. SVR in Cardiff doesn’t currently have a main hospital building for their patients, so are […]

Office Space: the realities of working remotely during a pandemic

Words by Emily Price. Images by Kira Butters using the virtual photography app https://theshutter.app From vaccinations in an eerie pub to admin in the bath, people are working from the most extraordinary places. It’s been almost a year since working environments were reshaped to obey Covid-19 restrictions and working from home has become part of the new normal. Andrew Pearsall is […]

Myfanwy the Unicorn: Spreading love in a time of need

Words and images by Caitlin Bolt Spotting this pink unicorn is becoming a right of passage around Cardiff. The inflatable creature named Myfanwy has a Facebook page bringing the city of Cardiff together in tough times to announce sightings and share photos. The unicorn is often spotted in random locations all over Cardiff. Myfanwy’s purpose […]

Behind Closed Doors: Why the pandemic hasn’t changed life much for those with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME) is a long-term illness that is often triggered by infections, problems with the immune system or mental health problems such as stress and trauma. It tends to be more common in women, with 70% of sufferers in Wales being female. But it is a misunderstood condition, and not easily diagnosable. It’s not until after numerous blood tests and having other conditions ruled out by a doctor that it may be finally diagnosed, as there are no specific tests that can be done to identify it.

Allotment demand in Wales increased since the first lockdown

The demand for allotments in Wales have increased since the first lockdown. Allotments have been around for hundreds of years, yet it’s the system created in the nineteenth century that we recognise today. Land was handed over to the labouring poor for the provision of food growing. In August 2020, the Social Farms and Gardens […]

‘Get Out and Do Stuff’ says cancer patient

By Olivia Grist ‘You have cancer’ is a phrase no one wants to hear, but for David Martin, his diagnosis has pushed him to make the most of his life and now he is encouraging others to do the same. The 40-year-old, who lives just outside Birmingham, was first diagnosed with stage 4 bowel and […]

Birdwatching in lockdown takes flight

By Emily Price A survey from the RSPB has found that birdwatching has soared in popularity during the COVID 19 pandemic.   More than two thirds of people polled said they have used birdwatching and simply listening to birdsong as a way to calm lockdown anxiety.   It seems that this family friendly actively has offered people the chance to reignite a love of nature and appreciate outdoor spaces […]

The Mystery of Billy Wynt

The Billy Wynt is a small isolated stone tower that sits on the hilltop of Y Graig, near the old historic town of Llantrisant, South Wales. Although a well known part of the landscape, the origins and reason for the circular structure are unknown. Dean Powell, local historian and manager at Guild Hall in Llantrisant […]

Arhantika Rebello: ‘The Covid pandemic gave me time to focus on myself and my studies’

By Emily Price. A university graduate is celebrating the success of an online magazine which she created for her final project during the Covid-19 crisis.  Arhantika Rebello, 21, graduated from the University of South Wales last year in the grip of the pandemic. Her online magazine, Quake, was originally intended to be her final project but its bold and colourful website has since gone from strength to strength.  Arhantika said: “Throughout my time […]

Dating online for Valentines

Levels of loneliness are at a record high in the UK. The Office for National Statistics state that over half of all singles are lonely because the pandemic has made it almost impossible to meet new people, either organically or at social events. However, virtual dating is rising in popularity as its a safe way […]

Increase in plant buying during lockdown

With national lockdown restricting our use of the outdoors, and an increasing amount of free time, more people have begun to turn to gardening and houseplants amidst the ongoing pandemic. Figures show that there has been a vast increase in the number of people buying plants and bulbs during lockdown. Patch Plants, an online plant […]

The Forgotten Heroes of the NHS

These are the staff who kept the National Health Service running during Covid-19, they work in the background booking appointments, arranging surgeries and talking to patients, but when Covid-19 struck they were all but forgotten in the Media. These are their stories of struggling through Covid-19 and the changes put in to place. By Natalie […]

Imbolc (Brigid’s Day) 2021

Imbolc, also called Brigid’s Day, is a Gaelic traditional festival, traditionally held on 1 February,  marking the beginning of spring. Since the late twentieth century, Celtic neopagansand Wiccans observe Imbolc as a celebration of purity and rebirth. It is a celebration of the Sun King waking up and the light beginning to return after the winter months. Imbolc is a […]

Virtual 268 Mile Race Challenge

Lynne Callaghan, 46, from Plymouth, taking part in a month long Montane Virtual Spine Race, which is 268 miles long. She has 78.5 miles to go, with just under a week left of the challenge. This race would traditionally be completed over a series of days, along the Pennine Way from Edale in Derbyshire to […]

The volunteer economy

Since Covid-19 hit the UK in March 2020, there has been an increase in the need for community cohesion and coming together to help those most in need within the community. It’s recorded that a total of 16,000 people has registered to formally volunteer with Volunteering Wales since March this year. This project takes a look at those, often overlooked, volunteers in our community, […]

The decline of British starlings

Llantrisant, Wales. 21 January 2021. A starling sings whilst perched on a telegraph pole. Starling numbers have declined markedly across much of northern Europe and the UK. The decline in the UK started during the early 1980s and has continued ever since. Recent data from the Breeding Bird Survey suggest continuing population declines affecting starlings […]

What does Asian look like

Words and images by Aarthy Balaganesh According to Collin’s dictionary, the definition of the term ‘Asian’ means belonging or relating to Asia. British people use this term to refer to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh; whereas American people refer to Chinese, Japanese or Korean. There has been a long debate on the term ‘Asian’ in the medical […]

Football Behind Closed Doors

Up to the present date Covid 19 has taken over a million lives and changed our daily routine drastically. Life as we know it has gone with social distancing, hand sanitizer, empty pubs and restaurants becoming the new norm. It has been a long journey for football to return with the last game played on […]

Covid class of 2020

One of the many casualties of the 2020 Coronavirus outbreak are the thousands of final year students across the country who found themselves in lockdown during their final weeks of their degree. Online teaching replaced face to face lectures and graduation ceremonies are indefinitely postponed. In this article I speak to recent 2020 graduates about […]

Epilepsy and me: Trapped inside a dream

This has happened before. Or do I think it did and it didn’t? No, this definitely happened before. Not just déjà vu, it happened. I’m reliving something. I can’t breathe. I’ve skipped through time. I know what’s going to happen before it does. I’m going to throw up. There’s music, and a weird noise. Why am I such a freak?  For as long as I can remember, I […]

Photojournalism students chart lockdown life in new book

Photojournalism students at USW have produced a photobook charting their lockdown. Their iamges show the impact of the crisis on family life, journeys and everyday living. Senior lecturer Becky Matthews said “As their lecturer, I am extremely proud of our students. When the country went into lockdown the majority of our students were mid way […]


The rapid spread of COVID-19 caused countries across the globe to get into lockdown in a bid to contain the virus. So I became stranded and was unable to return home. I am from Norway and they shut their borders in mid-March, way before the UK restrictions came into place. I couldn’t fly back to […]

How Coronavirus has torn my heart in two

By Morgan Morton As the pandemic progresses and the number of deaths and overall devastation continues to increase day by day, it feels like my anxiety is progressing along with it. The United States of America alone has over 200,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 5,113 related deaths. The global cases are just shy of […]

HRH Princess Anne visits Riding for the Disabled, Pencoed.

Monday 2nd of March 2020. Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) celebrated their 50th anniversary at Bridgend college, Pencoed campus, with a guest appearance from HRH Princess Anne. It was the first time that the princess had visited the South Wales RDA. Three hundred representatives from South Wales RDA groups gathered to welcome her at […]

Refugee Rhythms

Cardiff, UK, 22nd February 2020. Inkspot was the venue on Saturday for Refugee Rhythms, an event held by the network Student Action For Refugees (STAR). The STAR network runs in over 50 universities across the the UK and aims to try and improve the lives of refugees and asylum seekers through fundraising and awareness. The […]

Cardiff creatives making waves

According to research by the British Council, Cardiff’s creative sector is increasing. The city’s fast growing emergent media and TV industry is thanks in part to the BBC and the 42,000 students who are based in the the welsh capital. Cardiff is a hub of creativity with a growing appetite for the arts and entrepreneurship. […]

Anti Valentine Burlesque

The University of South Wales’ very own burlesque group the South Wales Sirens performed a sold out ‘Anti-Valentines’ show at Tiny Rebel, Cardiff this weekend. The groups performances focus on the art of tease, empowerment and inclusively. Committed to spreading self-love, empowerment and body-positivity through the art of burlesque dancing and performing. Anyone is welcome […]

Remembering Bethan Amy James

The Journalism class of 2020 to Bethan James and her family. This is a piece of writing that we never even thought we would have had to do. Writing this, we are all still in shock that one of our own, Bethan Amy James, passed away over the weekend. This goes out to Steve, Jane, […]

The Last Hoca

2nd year Melisa Numan travels home to Golyamo Vranovo, Rousse, Bulgaria to visit Asiye Novmanova and Nedzmie Hocain, the last two Hoca in the village. Hoca, or hoxha is the Turkish term for a Muslim teacher and used as an honorary title or surname for religious reader. The Hoca are present to perform necessary ceremonies […]

Welsh Wool Has History with American Slaves

Dinas Powys, Wales. January 23rd 2020. As part of a project on the Welsh Plains, researchers in Treforest have discovered a coarse kind of woollen cloth which was being made in parts of Mid-Wales during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries was exported from Wales and used to clothe enslaved peoples in the Americas. Jill Davod, […]

Knife Crime Prevention

CARDIFF, UK. 29th January 2020. Phillip Alisopp is a member of the Socialst workers party in Cardiff. Phillip presented a talk on knife crime and how it can be prevented within youths. Phillip decided to host this meeting because “i have personnaly been effected by knife crimes three times in my life”. knife crime is […]


Cardiff, Wales, UK. January 14th 2020. Cardiff based clothing brand O.S.A. have now released their OSA x AUS Collection. 50% of all proceeds will be donated towards the charity WIRES. The donated money, which has already reached over £1000, will able WIRES to continue to help the animals affected by the current, unprecedented bushfires across […]