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The last legal Kill The Bill Protest for Cardiff

Words and Images by Tom Davies Saturday 15th of January 2022 Over a hundred protestors gathered in Cardiff city centre on today for the last legal Kill the Bill protest. The protest was one of many taking places across the UK including, London, Bristol, Swansea and Manchester. The Kill The Bill movement was formed to […]

Wallop your husband for Christmas!

by Kate Bryony A very agreeable item has recently come at auction. The title of Lord or Lady of the manor of Wallop is available to purchase through the auction house Paul Fosh. Bridgerton fans rejoice! If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the Royal super-fan in your life, or just fancy getting your […]

Covid: Lack of supply staff leaves schools ‘desperate’ says teaching union

by Emily Price. A teaching union has said that a severe shortage in supply teachers has left schools in Wales struggling to stay open. Staff off work isolating or looking after family members ill with Covid 19 has meant supply teachers are in high demand.  But the supply teacher system is unable to cope and […]

Sŵn shines brighter than ever

by Gareth Rees The iconic Sŵn festival made a welcome return to Cardiff this year and it was legendary. The festival spanned three days, from Friday the 15th of October to Sunday the 17th of October and featured 77 different artists including two secret sets. It was a special weekend in which independent artists and […]

The return of the king of rock and roll

by Gareth Rees Elvis festival made a welcome return to Porthcawl this year as thousands gathered to celebrate the occasion. Tribute acts and impressive outfits were the main attraction on the seafront and people from all over the country travelled to see them. After a difficult year for so many, this was much needed. Marcia […]

Elvis (festival) isn’t dead

by Kate Bryony Elvis is feeling the burning love in Porthcawl today as 1000s flock to celebrate the King of Rock and Roll.Shows and tributes dedicated to the King are at the forefront of the weekend but a big draw is the array of costumes from the visitors. After a year away, the festival is […]

Cardiff University student union “operating as normal” despite on-going construction work

by Jorja Kyei and Carys Jones Cardiff University students’ union said the experience for new students will go ahead as usual although construction work is continuing on the new Centre for Student Life building. However, an SU spokesperson said there could be some noise disturbance from the work. Work began on the building in Park […]

Restoration work underway in Bute Park after vandalism

by Reece Harrison-Strati, Megan Lockie-Monk and Eleanor Fox Cardiff Council and local businesses have thanked people who have come together to show their support for Bute Park after vandals caused tens of thousands of pounds worth of damage. More than 50 trees were destroyed, bins were pulled from the concrete bases, signs were removed and […]

Pubs Reopening: Over 25 policy introduced to combat anti-social behaviour

One pub in Llantwit Fardre has enforced an over 25 policy because of antisocial behaviour from younger customers. Pub and restaurants reopened at the end of April in Wales allowing younger people who recently turned 18 to drink there for the first time.  The Ship does clarify that the policy is up to their discretion […]

How has student’s mental health suffered through the pandemic?

Ffion Harris Mental health in students is a topic that has recently been acknowledged as a big problem. Statistics show that around one in four students suffer from mental health problems. Many universities and schools are unable to offer help due to the lack of funding and facilities and throughout Lockdown many students have felt […]

Couple celebrate tying the knot with happy pub goers on same day hospitality reopens

Alaw John 22 year-old Ross and 21 year-old Sasha Kahler celebrated their wedding in Cardiff, the same day outdoor hospitality reopened. Some might say not your most traditional wedding, with heels swapped for yellow converse, taxis to the ceremony, guests watching over zoom, all followed by a stroll through the city centre afterwards. Pubs were […]

A Young Producer’s Attempts to Work in Film

By Charles Stylianou A filmmaker from Scotland and recent graduate from the University of Salford, Jay Alexander-Ali stated that it is extremely difficult to secure a job within the film industry, by describing that “employers aren’t taking young producers seriously enough and they get away with paying only their lunch and travel.” Once I graduated […]

Stand for Nature Wales: New youth climate change project launched

It’s Earth Day today and to mark the occasion Wildlife Trusts Wales have launched their new, youth climate change project, Stand for Nature Wales. The pan-Wales project sees six Wildlife trusts across Wales come together to inspire young people to take action against climate change.

Lockdown Scouting: How meetings have gone virtual

Outdoor activities that we all enjoyed as children have been affected drastically over the last 12 months. Scout, cub and beaver meetings across the UK have had to adapt to continue their meetings online. With coronavirus restrictions slowly starting to be lifted across Wales, Harry Pettigrew virtually visited 1st Sully Scout group in Penarth, to […]

Third night of #reclaimthesestreets protests

Images by Hashim AL-Hashmi and Tom Davies Last night the city saw the third Reclaim These Street protest in a week as hundreds took the street outside of Cardiff Central police station. The protesters have been gathering in response to the new Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill. The new bill proposes that police will […]

#wemakeevents Cardiff

Words and Images by Aarthy Balaganesh On March 16, 2020, the UK Government called for drastic action to halt the spread of coronavirus and advised public buildings, including theatres and live music venues, to close. Last night, students and lecturers on the BA Sound and Live Event Production course of University of South Wales, turned […]

Another night of peaceful #reclaimthesestreets protest

Images by Tom Davies and Hashim Al- Hashmi Crowds gathered for another night of protesting outside of Cardiff Bay police station last night. Several issues are appearing to be protested including an to end police brutality, #reclaimthestreets in honour of Sarah Everard’s and to also protest the proposed government bill aimed at targeting people’s right […]

Defiant #reclaimthesestreets protest, Cardiff

Nationwide protests are taking place across the UK in response to the recent news on Sarah Everard, with organisers being threatened with heavy fines and bans from police.

Mother’s Day Mural: Celebrating Professor Alka Surajprakash Ahuja

Words and images by Natalie Ball Graffiti Life creating a large Mural on the side of Sully’s Cafe on Quay Street in Cardiff Town Centre in honour of Professor Alka Surajprakash Ahuja who was awarded an MBE for Services to the NHS over the Pandemic. The Mural is being created for Mothers Day, to celebrate […]

Oval Basin steps fenced off again

Words and images by Hashim Al-Hasim Cardiff Council have fenced off the steps of the Oval Basin in Cardiff Bay, in a bid to discourage people from gathering in groups at a time when Covid-19 restrictions are still in place. The fences were put in place by Cardiff Council following discussions with South Wales Police. […]

When will women really be treated equally?

Indian government is mulling a proposal to make it mandatory for men to share a certain percentage of their income with their wives, if the latter is staying at home to do household chores.

Pictured: Paul Billings working from home

Covid: Working from home appetite increases due to pandemic

Homeworking will be one of the major lasting outcomes of the pandemic, Cardiff University Professor Alan Felstead predicts. He was commissioned by the Senedd to produce a report on their inquiry into remote working.

Elite increased its revenue by £90,000 thanks to the Welsh Government

By Charles Stylianou The Welsh Government has announced a further £3m for everyday economy projects. The funding will ensure that everyone has access to basic essential goods and services, and that the people who provide them are adequately respected. ELITE Paper Solutions, a Merthyr Tydfil-based company benefited from the fund and now employs a total […]

New survey seeks help from public to record otter sightings

By Emily Price. People are being encouraged to report otter sightings in the Vale of Glamorgan for a new survey.  ‘Project Otter’ will be led by officers from the Countryside Service of the Vale of Glamorgan Council and will establish the state of the otter population.  £10,000 from the Waterloo Foundation has been secured to help fund the project.   The survey, working alongside Cardiff […]

Coronavirus: One year on from when my life paused

By Emily Price March will mark a year since my wonderful hands-on university classes were changed to remote learning. Virtual lessons are now spent hidden behind a screen, my camera often left off to conceal my shabby state after rolling out of bed to walk a few metres to my work space. Almost a year […]

Lockdown exercise not always a walk in the park

By Olivia Grist and Emily Price “I think our whole life is in front of a screen right now and getting out for a walk gives you a rest from that.” Before COVID-19 restrictions, 24 year old Ben Joseph was a busy actor. With so much time now on his hands, he has spent lockdown […]

Demonstration against South Wales Police in solidarity with #Justice4Mohamud,

The road outside of Cardiff Bay police station was blocked by Black Lives Matters protesters yesterday after South Wales Police refused to suspend an officer under investigation for misconduct over the death of Mohamud Hassan. This is another another protest in what is becoming a prolonged campaign for justice after Mohamud Mohammed Hassan, a 24-year […]

Snapper’s equipment snatched in the time it takes to say cheese

By Emily Price Camera equipment worth £1,600 has been stolen from a university graduate after he turned his back for a split second.   Freelance photographer, Aiyush Pachnanda, was working on a photo shoot on Bermondsey Street in London when his bag of cameras and lenses was stolen.    Aiyush, 23, graduated from the University of South Wales in 2019 and his camera bag got him through his degree in photojournalism.       Aiyush said: “I was taking […]

Cardiff Council re-opens public toilets

By Olivia Grist A number of public toilets in Cardiff have re-opened after complaints from residents. Whilst some local authorities have kept their public toilets open throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Cardiff Council was amongst those who decided to shut them.  After a number of complaints from residents – including those with conditions like Crohn’s disease […]

£3000 raised for Al-Ikhlas food bank, Cardiff

Cardiff Taxi and Private Hire alongside Unite Wales have raised £3000 for Al-Ikhlas food bank, located in Adamsdown, Cardiff. Taxi drivers Gareth Carter and Abdul Hie, with Unite Wales Taxi branch secretary Yusef Jama, presented the cheque to the volunteers of Al-Ikhlas, joined by Cardiff MS Jenny Rathbone, on what happened to be Random Acts […]

Covid: How are students financially coping during the pandemic?

A report by the National Union of Students reveals that more than 80% of the students are worried about how to manage financially. Students have become increasingly worried about the impact of the Coronavirus on their finances, the report suggests. The study found that the pandemic has had a major impact on students’ finances for […]

82-year-old to cycle 1000 miles for charity

By Olivia Grist Exercise has kept many of us going throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, but Roy Gee has been going the extra mile.  The 82-year-old, from Dinas Powys, has decided to cycle 1000 miles for charity – the equivalent of John o Groats to Lands End – on an indoor bike after losing his son […]

Vegan drag queen says ‘neigh’ to horse riding

By Emily Price An out of work drag queen has avoided plunging into depression during the pandemic by caring for a horse – but as a vegan, he refuses to ride it. Keelan Williams had the world at his feet and big plans for his future after losing almost half his body weight by switching […]

Virtual services for Citizen Church

The pandemic and subsequent lockdown has meant that the newly launched Citizen Church in Cardiff has been unable to hold its first face to face service. Undeterred, the spirited team have set up Church Online – a series of monthly live recordings from St Teilo’s Church in Cathays. Around 60 people are able to watch […]

Peaceful vigil for Mohamud Hassan

The South Wales police say 24 year old Mohamud Hassan was taken into custody following a disturbance in Newport Road in Roath on Friday January 8th. He left custody at around 8.30am on Saturday morning and died on Saturday night. South Wales Police have also said the death of Mr Hassan was “sudden and unexplained” […]

Bute Park’s Handlebar Barista

Handlebar Barista the mobile catering and coffee company has been awarded a contract to operate catering concessions in Bute Park, Cardiff. They proudly call themselves Cardiff’s most eco-friendly coffee company, who will be serving up offee from a newly refurbished solar-powered tuk-tuk, or one of their vintage pedal-powered coffee trikes. Handlebar barista will be operating […]

Backlash at Whitchurch’s Northern Meadows plans

A walker enjoys the fresh air at Whitchurch’s Northern Meadows in Cardiff. The 23-acre site of meadow, ancient trees, shrub and grassland are under threat by the proposed construction of the £180 million Velindre Cancer Centre. The redevelopment is being protested by the local community who say that the Northern Meadows have provided them with […]

Charity run raises awareness of period poverty

Shreshth Goel, a 19 year old Cardiff University law student, is running 5k everyday through the month of February dressed as a sanitary pad to raise funds for Freedom4Girls UK. Whilst doing research on period products for a project, Shreshth Goel was shocked at the number of women unable to afford such necessities. According to […]

Community Seed Swap in Phonebox

A Community Seed Swap has recently been set up by members of the local community in one of the phone box libraries, pictured here is the phone box next to Roath Recreational Ground, Roath, Cardiff. It was recorded that there was over one million web visits to RHS Gardening advice pages during first 9 days […]

The Forgotten Heroes of the NHS

These are the staff who kept the National Health Service running during Covid-19, they work in the background booking appointments, arranging surgeries and talking to patients, but when Covid-19 struck they were all but forgotten in the Media. These are their stories of struggling through Covid-19 and the changes put in to place. By Natalie […]

Virtual National Fun at Work Day

A remote portrait of Tom Thompson, 38, senior research fellow at the University of Plymouth Faculty of Health. The 29th of January is national fun at work day in 2021, this national day of always happens of the last Friday of every January. It was created so that people could celebrate their time at work […]

Reddit fuelling trading stock frenzy

Reddit has been fueling a trading stock frenzy since Monday 25th January 2021 causing short sellers to loose $1.6 billion in a single day as Gamestop shares sky rocket. Subredditt has now shifted its gaze to AMC Entertainment, a cinema chain in the USA, which has steadily been falling into bankruptcy since the start of […]

Covid restrictions leave live music industry on the brink of collapse

Image by Natalie Ball The live music sector is at risk of complete collapse with many events falling through the cracks of government support.   In July last year the Welsh Government announced a Cultural Recovery Fund of £53 million. But for many pub singers, bands and live acts the pandemic has left them struggling financially.  Drag artist Keelan Williams […]

Debenhams to close stores and move online

Online fashion retailer Boohoo has confirmed it has bought the Debenhams brand for £55 million and will relaunch the department store as an online-only operation. The move will not include any of the firm’s remaining 118 High Street stores or its workforce, which means up to 12,000 jobs at the department chain store are set […]

Snow in parts of South Wales today

People across Wales woke up today to find snow covering their homes. With most of Wales remaining under a weather warning until midnight today, the Met Office predicts snow will clear early this evening, leaving a cold but clear and dry night for most. “Some cloud and scattered showers along coasts. Frosty and icy. Minimum […]

Student food bank collection for Trussell Trust

A group of Cardiff university students have put together a local food bank collection on Miskin Street in Cardiff after being disappointed with the Governments lack of support for the vulnerable. The group set up their donation point from 11am-4pm on January 23rd as well as arranging several collection points around Talybont and encouraged students […]

Protesters take to Cardiff streets after death of 24-year-old Mohamud Hassan

Up to 150 people came together outside of Cardiff Bay Police Station to protested the death of Mohamud Hassan, 24, who died after he was released from police custody. Protesters marched from Cardiff Library to South Wales Police station in Cardiff Bay. The force said he had been taken into custody following a disturbance in […]

Fighting for Men Inequalities

By Charles Stylianou After realising that a number of social services are not available to men, Sally Burris started research about male inequality. The research showed that if men were included, they were referenced in only negative contexts. Regardless of the coronavirus outbreak, Sally and her team started protesting with the Split the Difference.

Drag queens during the pandemic

Words and Images by Aarthy Balaganesh Cardiff, Wales. 18 January 2021. Drag queen Sophia Gardens (Cody jones) (20) doing a Instagram Live show “Drag Race Run ‘A’ Way”. In the live stream, she talks and discusses opinions on the weekend’s episodes on RuPaul’s Drag Race both the UK and the US edition. She also collobrates […]

Students in Lockdown

By Emily Price Students from the University of South Wales have been talking about their fears and frustrations after being forced to learn from home. Students have been unable to attend face to face classes this term, with some isolated in students halls and other choosing stay with their parents.

A twist on National Hugging Day 2021

Not being able to hug friends and family has been a difficult aspect of the COVID-19 pandemic for many of us, there’s nothing like the power of a hug for comfort. Despite not being able to be in close contact with loved ones there are alternatives that can done for this years National hugging day […]

Black history should be ‘known and understood’ by all in Wales, says First Minister

By Dan Moffat and Morgan Morton First Minister Mark Drakeford believes it’s important that black history is ‘known and understood by all of us here in Wales’. Mr Drakeford was speaking at today’s Welsh Government daily press briefing , and was answering a question from Atrium News’ Morgan Morton, when he admitted education is important […]

How Coronavirus has torn my heart in two

By Morgan Morton As the pandemic progresses and the number of deaths and overall devastation continues to increase day by day, it feels like my anxiety is progressing along with it. The United States of America alone has over 200,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 5,113 related deaths. The global cases are just shy of […]

The mental toll of the coronavirus:

(Image courtesy of Beatrice Magnusson) By Joe Strong and Noorhan Al- ani. The rise of the coronavirus has generated worldwide panic, causing anxiety among people who fear the virus because of how quickly and easily it has spread.  Since the outbreak in December, 125 countries have been affected with 4,716 deaths worldwide and 10 deaths […]

The Corona Outbreak: We’ve been here before, where will we go?

By Morgan Morton As the Coronavirus spreads across the world the panic that accompanies it is indeed reasonable. Since the outbreak countless schools in Europe have closed, sanitary products are in high demand, and everyone is anxious about the wellbeing of themselves and others. 460 cases have been confirmed and 10 people have died in […]

Continued strike action by Cardiff UCU

CARDIFF, UNITED KINGDOM. MARCH 5TH 2020. Crowds gathered today at Alexandra Gardens, Cardiff, to take part in a solidarity march. The event was part of two weeks of continued strike action by the Cardiff branch of the University and College Union (UCU) – the representative voice for academic and academic-related staff at Cardiff University. Cardiff […]

Greenpeace glues locks on Barclays bank branches across Wales

CARDIFF, UK, 2nd MARCH 2020. Greenpeace have placed a pop up exhibition trailer with images highlighting the effects of global warming outside of Barclays bank on Working Street, St Davids Centre, Cardiff. In the early hours of the morning, branches in the Roath, Whitchurch and the Llandaff North areas of Cardiff were also rendered out […]

St David’s Day parade, Cardiff

More than 200 people marched through Cardiff city centre yesterday, while crowds lined the streets of the Welsh capital to celebrate the country’s patron saint. Led by performer Meic Peterson dressed as St David, the event is the 27th annual St David’s Day parade to be held in the city. The parade ended in The […]

Youth Strike 4 Climate: Greta Thunberg speaks to 30,000 at Bristol rally

Teenage activist Greta Thunberg said she would ‘not be silenced while the world is on fire’ while addressing a 30,000 strong crowd in Bristol, before leading a march through the city. Chants of “Greta, Greta” rang around College Green in the city centre ahead of her speech, which was organised by the Bristol Youth Strike […]

USW’S LGBT+History Month

University of South Wales is spreading awareness for LGBT+ History in the month of February by organising a literary treasure hunt. The aim of the event is to promote equality throughout all of the USW campuses and create a safe space for students. After a meeting a week ago at the Treforest campus where students […]

Storm Dennis raises questions about the future of Cardiff Boat Tours.

Boat companies in Cardiff are uncertain about their future after floods from Storm Dennis caused damage to most of the berths along the River Taff. There are currently no boat tours running in the city. Companies running the service are uncertain about their future, as they have to face a wave of cancellations from the […]

Is the Welsh language dying?| International Mother Language Day

International Mother Language Day (IMLD) is a day to promote linguistic and cultural diversity which was created by the United Nations Education, Science and Cultural Organisation. This day occurs every February and has done for over 20 years, with this year falling on the 21st of February. The UN recognised that 43% of the 6000 […]

Labour Leadership Election: Who are Welsh MPs backing?

The Labour leadership election is entering the final stages, after the public member vote opened on Monday. The three remaining candidates are Sir Keir Starmer, Lisa Nandy and Rebecca Long-Bailey, with Starmer the favourite after leading the way during the CLP (Constituency Labour Party) voting stage. After some big losses in December’s election, Labour managed […]

Corbyn braves the rain to show solidarity with Cardiff UCU

Hundreds of supporters turned out today for the first day of strike action by the Cardiff branch of the University and College Union (UCU). Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn was at the rally, which had to move from the University’s Main Building on Park Place to Cathays Park due to large numbers. The strike, which is […]

Closure of Korfball Club

Cardiff City Korfball Club have started a petition to stop the closure of sports facilities in Heath Park, Cardiff, after the council backtracked on its decision to lease the building to the club. In August 2018, Cardiff Council agreed in principle to Cardiff Korfball Club’s offer to take over ownership and running of the facilities. […]

German Ambassador warns Cardiff students of trade issues post Brexit

The German Ambassador to the UK, Peter Wittig, has said he fears any post Brexit trade deal will fall short of what Germany would have liked. Peter Wittig told students Cardiff, Peter Wittig he is concerned about the UK’s separation from the EU. “The price of this quick guillotine separation of the UK from Europe […]

Cardiff pub says changing the beer almost every day keeps the customers coming back

by Jan Jerabek It’s been six years since David Coles and Andrew Melbourne decided to open the Flute and Tankard, an independent pub in Cardiff. Now they have decided the secret to attracting the customers is to give customers the biggest possible selection of beer – and to offer them something different every time they come. […]

Anti Racism in Wales Conference

Cardiff, Wales. 16 January 2020. The Welsh government in conjunction with third sector anti-racism groups held a conference in the Pierhead building in order to discuss various findings with regards to the rise of racism in Wales since the Brexit referendum. Images by Ben Rice

Marie Curie Great Daffodil Appeal

Cardiff, Wales. 05 February 2020. Marie Curie Great Daffodil Appeal Launch at The National Assembly for Wales (Senedd). Sponsored by Jane Hutt AM, the appeal included a performance from Cor Curiad and awards given to groups who had made oustanding contributions in fund raising efforts. Images by Ben Rice