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Driving lesson delays leave would-be drivers with long waits!

People are waiting months for driving lessons after their theory tests expire. The long lists of prospective learners mean people are paying over the odds for intensive courses in order to pass before their theory runs out. Drivers must pass their theory test before booking the practical but the certification only lasts two years. This […]

Pandemic pen pals: new scheme brings two generations together

A new initiative to forge friendships between the young and old is proving highly successful in Cardiff. Launched during the first lockdown, a local primary school encouraged its students to write to care home residents. Now with the pandemic behind us, pupils have been able to meet up in person with their pen pals. Gabriela […]

The three councillors

By Ellie Spark Cardiff Council elections came to an end on Thursday the 5th of May. These happen every five years and this year we saw newbies take the stand, with some of the more experienced, being voted again as well.  Labour councillor, Sara Elisabeth Robinson, is one of the newbies. She was elected for […]

A Young Producer’s Attempts to Work in Film

By Charles Stylianou A filmmaker from Scotland and recent graduate from the University of Salford, Jay Alexander-Ali stated that it is extremely difficult to secure a job within the film industry, by describing that “employers aren’t taking young producers seriously enough and they get away with paying only their lunch and travel.” Once I graduated […]

Elite increased its revenue by £90,000 thanks to the Welsh Government

By Charles Stylianou The Welsh Government has announced a further £3m for everyday economy projects. The funding will ensure that everyone has access to basic essential goods and services, and that the people who provide them are adequately respected. ELITE Paper Solutions, a Merthyr Tydfil-based company benefited from the fund and now employs a total […]

Fighting for Men Inequalities

By Charles Stylianou After realising that a number of social services are not available to men, Sally Burris started research about male inequality. The research showed that if men were included, they were referenced in only negative contexts. Regardless of the coronavirus outbreak, Sally and her team started protesting with the Split the Difference.