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To remember those who gave their lives to give our today

By Sarah Bowdidge The Field of Remembrance opened on Thursday the 3rd of November 2022 at Cardiff Castle to commemorate Remembrance Sunday and Remembrance Day. The Field of Remembrances serves as a place for people to pay their respects to those who have lost their lives in conflict. The field is decorated with rows of […]

The Royal British Legion Field of Remembrance has opened in Cardiff today

The annual Field of Remembrance has opened at Cardiff Castle today and members of the public have gathered to pay their respects for those lost in the line of duty. The Field of Remembrance will be open daily between the hours of 9am and 5pm until November 17th.

Field of Rememberance opening ceremony

Hundreds of people gathered today at Cardiff castle for the opening of the Field of Remembrance, despite the unruly Welsh weather. The event organised by the Royal Poppy Legion, took place at Cardiff Castle, as it has done for the past 6 years. The private event let people lay tributes with crosses and poppies while […]

Wales’ Field of Remembrance opens at Cardiff Castle

The Field of Remembrance opened in Cardiff today to commemorate the lost lives of war, ahead of remembrance day and remembrance Sunday next week. Many of the public witnessed the service, bearing the rain and cold to pay respects to those who died in wars past and present. The First Minister of Wales, Mark Drakeford, […]

The Field of Remembrance has opened in Cardiff

Many people embarked on the historic Cardiff Castle today to witness the opening of the Field of Remembrance. The garden was opened in a ceremony that took place within the Castle walls on the morning of November 2nd. The service was led by Thee Rev Canon Stewart Lisk Honary Chaplin of Cardiff as the city […]

Field of Remembrance now open at Cardiff Castle

Ross Foad “There are young people, cadets and others involved in the ceremonies today. And for them, we’ve got to have the hope that those who died have given us for the future.” The Royal British Legion organised the annual event in memorial of those who have died in conflicts. Crosses affixed with poppies have […]

The Story of the Cardiff Castle Field of Remembrance 2022

A field of remembrance was opened today at Cardiff Castle to pay tribute ahead of Remembrance Day on Sunday. Despite the poor weather, many war veterans and members of the public visited to watch the service. The event begun with the Military band marching through the Castle gardens and performing a number of musical pieces […]

Cardiff’s Opening of the Field of Remembrance

On Thursday 3rd November 2022, the Royal British Legion opened the Field of Remembrance at Cardiff Castle to honour and pay respects to those who lost their lives in war and in service. Friends and families gathered to witness the service led by Reverend Canon Stewart Lisk Honary Chaplin of Cardiff. The service included music […]

Field of Remembrance opens at Cardiff Castle

Cardiff Castles’ field of remembrance opened this morning and will be open from 9am-5pm until the 17th of November. hundreds gathered for the annual event to pay their respects and lay down poppies for those who fell during combat. Veterans, the public and the Royal British Legion all paid their respects and watched as the […]

Remembering the fallen at Cardiff Castle’s Memorial Garden

Members of the general public and war veterans came to Cardiff Castle’s remembrance garden to pay their respects to those who have tragically lost their lives at war. A day of reflection was made ever more poignant by the rainy weather mirroring the overall sombre mood of the event. It was not just veterans and […]

Opening of The Field of Remembrance in Cardiff Castle

Today the annual Field of Remembrance opened in Cardiff Castle to honor all those who lost their lives during the war whilst fighting for our armed forces. This is done in many ways, such as planting thousands of poppies around the UK. Today the Last Stand tune was played on the trumpet by the army, […]

Field of Remembrance now open at Cardiff Castle

By Drew Sitton The opening ceremony for the “Field of Remembrance” was held today at Cardiff Castle. Around 200 people showed up to pay their respects including; members of Senedd, military servers, members of the public and Newport’s Royal Navy Cadets. One of the cadets, Thomas Pugh, feels that the first World War is “not […]

Field of Remembrance opened at Cardiff Castle

Thursday marked the opening of the 2022 Cardiff Field of Remembrance, paying tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice during World War One and Two. The yearly event is back at Cardiff Castle until November 17, allowing members of the public to pay their respects. The service, conducted by Reverend Canon Stewart Lisk, included […]

Cardiff Castle Remembers

This morning Cardiff Castle opened its gates to usher in another year of remembrance. The proceedings started at 10:30, with the brigadier band leading the procession. Reverend Canon Stewart Lisk, the Honary Chaplin of Cardiff opened the speaking and was followed by Mark Drakeford MP and other esteemed members before a minute silence was observed. […]

The Field of Remembrance opens at Cardiff Castle

The field of remembrance at Cardiff Castle officially opened today and is a chance for people to pay their respects to those who lost their lives in the war. Th event is organised and run by the Royal British Legion who were in attendance for the opening service. The poppies laid in the ground represent […]

Mark Drakeford opens Remembrance Field at historic Cardiff Castle.

By James Morris First Minister Mark Drakeford made a refined appearance in central Cardiff today as part of the events taking place to open the Remembrance Field 2022. Cardiff Castle with its military and historic links made a fitting stage to open the remembrance field, As part of the event many past and present service […]

The opening of The Fields of Remembrance

Today many people braved the rain to gather inside Cardiff Castle, to mark the opening of the Fields of Remembrance. The field which has been set up to commemorate Remembrance Sunday and Remembrance Day will be open for the public to pay their respects, to those who lost their lives in the first and second […]

Garden of remembrance opens at Cardiff Castle

The annual garden of remembrance was opened earlier today with a moving ceremony inside the walls of Cardiff Castle. First Minister of Wales, Mark Drakeford, was one of the many to pay respects to the members of the armed services that have died fighting for their country. Both current and ex servicemen and servicewomen were […]

Field of Remembrance opens at Cardiff Castle

The Field of Remembrance has opened at Cardiff Castle. The opening event took place in the heart of the city centre where people paid their respects to those who lost their lives during conflicts. Remembering all those who fought for their country during World War One, World War Two, and other conflicts, the field is […]

What would Marx say?

By Jorja Kyei Cardiff University’s Marxist Society were raising awareness at their weekly street stall by the Woodville today. The stall is one of many that the society have set up in and around Cardiff. The group have held many events focusing on the crisis of capitalism and Marxist education. The literature that can be […]

Driving lesson delays leave would-be drivers with long waits!

People are waiting months for driving lessons after their theory tests expire. The long lists of prospective learners mean people are paying over the odds for intensive courses in order to pass before their theory runs out. Drivers must pass their theory test before booking the practical but the certification only lasts two years. This […]

Pandemic pen pals: new scheme brings two generations together

A new initiative to forge friendships between the young and old is proving highly successful in Cardiff. Launched during the first lockdown, a local primary school encouraged its students to write to care home residents. Now with the pandemic behind us, pupils have been able to meet up in person with their pen pals. Gabriela […]

The three councillors

By Ellie Spark Cardiff Council elections came to an end on Thursday the 5th of May. These happen every five years and this year we saw newbies take the stand, with some of the more experienced, being voted again as well.  Labour councillor, Sara Elisabeth Robinson, is one of the newbies. She was elected for […]

A Young Producer’s Attempts to Work in Film

By Charles Stylianou A filmmaker from Scotland and recent graduate from the University of Salford, Jay Alexander-Ali stated that it is extremely difficult to secure a job within the film industry, by describing that “employers aren’t taking young producers seriously enough and they get away with paying only their lunch and travel.” Once I graduated […]

Elite increased its revenue by £90,000 thanks to the Welsh Government

By Charles Stylianou The Welsh Government has announced a further £3m for everyday economy projects. The funding will ensure that everyone has access to basic essential goods and services, and that the people who provide them are adequately respected. ELITE Paper Solutions, a Merthyr Tydfil-based company benefited from the fund and now employs a total […]

Fighting for Men Inequalities

By Charles Stylianou After realising that a number of social services are not available to men, Sally Burris started research about male inequality. The research showed that if men were included, they were referenced in only negative contexts. Regardless of the coronavirus outbreak, Sally and her team started protesting with the Split the Difference.