Cardiff City Ladies dedicate football game to Cancer Research Wales

Words By Megan Monk. Images By Megan Monk and Kelsey Roberts

Cardiff City Ladies charity kit with the Cancer Reseach Wales Logo printed on the fornt

Cardiff City Ladies dedicated thier secound charity match to Cancer Reseach Wales. The Dragons faced AFC Bournemouth in The Women’s National League in a 2 – 0 victory. Before the game represatives form Ymchwil Canser Cymru (Cancer Reseach Wales) set up a donation and information station at the gates of the game.

Thier reseach has been saving lives since 1966 in Wales. Contributing to improvements in the services provided to Cancer patients and family members. “We are working to make sure the people of Wales do not have to accept cancer as a life-threatening disease.” Using the money dontanted to support researchers to make new disoveries which could change lives.

During half time, Club Security Karen Jones MBE and Cardiff City Ladies volenteers went around with buckets to collect donations to Cancer Reseach Wales.

You can donate online at https://www.cancerresearch.wales/donate/donate-online

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