Fur-tastic Furry Meet in Cardiff

Words and imagess Eleanor Fox

Furries are people who have an active interest in animal characters with human characteristics. FurTheMoment, the official furry meet up for Cardiff Furries, hosted an event at Geek culture retailer Geek Retreat, to allow members of the community to gather. Fans played games together and took to the streets of Cardiff to show off their fursonas. FurTheMoment offer a comfortable and safe environment in which provides furries a place to chill, meet up with friends and suit up.

A varity of Furries, ranging from Blue the Husky, Sheepish the Sheep and Kota the Dog showed up Sunday to express their furry side.

FurTheMoment hold their meets once every month at Geek Retreat and allow anyone to show up , suit or not, to be able to hang out with the Furries of Cardiff. For more information go to: https://www.furthemoment.com/

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