Maisie Peters ‘Not Another Rockstar’ Review

Maisie Peters gives us another feral girl-boss anthem with ‘Not Another Rockstar’.

By Drew Sitton

Maisie Peters’ new single ‘Not Another Rockstar’ is an anthem for girls who make bad decisions. Following recent viral hits such as ‘Blonde’ and ‘Cates Brother’, Peters continues to experiment with her new rebellious pop-rock sound in her latest release. Described in a tweet by the singer-songwriter as “Blonde’s older angrier shadier sister”, the song perfectly encapsulates the experience of dating a wannabe

From the very first second, this single does not give you a moment to catch your breath, starting with the angsty, bass-lead first verse, to building the sound slightly with the adding of synth in the second verse, up until that final chorus. The only issue being that this did not give the song a chance to have much build-up throughout, making the chorus sound similar to the verses. 

The singer’s vocals need no help, but the heavy vocal effects add to the slightly chaotic sound of the production. As usual, the 22-year-old does a brilliant job at portraying the sarcasm in her lyrics, with lines such as: “A little self-obsessive and I sign up, sign up/Where’s the pen? Where’s the line?”. You find yourself wishing that you already knew the lyrics so that you could scream them along to the quick tempo beat.  

‘Not Another Rockstar’ was written almost a year ago with Peters close friends Ines Dunn and Joe Rubel. It was confirmed during a Twitter Q&A with the singer that this is a stand-alone single and will not be included on her sophomore album, but we should expect to hear the lead single in 2023.  

Although shorter than I would like, the song still managed to be packed full of attitude and memorable lyrics. It would make a perfect opening track for Peters upcoming tours; ‘I’m Telling The Whole of America’ later this year in the US, and the ‘Road to Brixton’ tour in the U.K. in 2023, during which she will be performing at Cardiff’s ‘Tramshed’, which I would highly recommend checking out. In the meantime, check out this new coming-of-age hit if you hadn’t already, and delve into Maisie Peters incredible discography of highly relatable music. 

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