Virtual Strangers by Sam Canning: A mysterious yet happy love story.

Virtual Strangers is Sam Canning’s debut novel which provides readers with a love mystery until the very end of the book. The full review is written below.

Synopsis: Virtual Strangers

When Ada set up her own PR firm from a coffee shop, she didn’t expect to meet journalist Fraser. Also working there daily, he soon becomes a friend. Reporting on interesting things to do around Edinburgh, Fraser ropes Ada into accompanying him on his assignments.

As they work side by side Ada can’t help but notice how attractive Fraser is, and how well they get along. But Ada has been chatting to a guy she met on an Agatha Christie fan fiction site, and she can’t stop thinking about him. His interests are the same as hers, and the anonymity helps them both be more honest and open. As Ada’s messages with the mystery man become deeper, she thinks she’s falling for him.

Ada is torn between Fraser and Myster-E- but can you have real feelings for someone when you’re virtual strangers?

Virtual Strangers Format: Available as an e-book, paperback (378 pages) and audiobook (10 hours).

Book Review

When Ada meets Fraser whilst working, they form a companiable work environment where they see each other daily. Ada starts to engage with a user on an Agatha Christie site called “Myster-E” which further confuses her feelings between him and Fraser when more time is spent with her new friend. Ada is left questioning her feelings for both guys.

The plot and theme of the book:

This book is portrayed from Ada’s point of view throughout and how she feels and deals with her emotions are clear to the reader. As a reader we live through her day-to-day life and read the chain of messages exchanged with Myster-E. This book brings you along the love mystery that causes scepticism, anger and sadness due to the complete secret identity of Myster-E and the feelings Ada is experiencing towards Fraser. Ada as a character is portrayed as well put together, she has a great job however she still lives with her mother which she isn’t so pleased about. Ada deals with a lot throughout the book yet still manages to pull herself together and always sticks up for herself. The only thing missing from Ada’s busy life is a boyfriend.

The front cover:

I enjoy the bright colours that stand out on the front cover of this book. The short and precise sentence at the top of the cover sums up the book well. The title of the book being bold and large font stands out amongst the artwork and works well with the background. The artwork on the cover portrays the theme of the book accurately.

Overall opinion of the book:

As soon as I started reading this book, I really enjoyed the constant mystery surrounding Myster-E. This led me to keep on reading to find out who he was. I really appreciated living through Ada’s life and her friendships, bonds with her family along with arguments. This portrayed real life situations. The genre of the book is fiction with romance features throughout and I believe the title of the book fits this genre perfectly. The blurb of the book makes it easy to understand what the book entails with little confusion. If you are into romance and fiction books, give this one a read!

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