REVIEW: MOTHER GOOSE at Wales Millennium Centre

Mother Goose at the Wales Millennium Centre is an eggcellent show that is perfect for the whole family, and with the inclusion of Sir Ian McKellen, you really can’t go wrong.

MOTHER GOOSE: Ian McKellen and John Bishop. Photo by Manuel Harlan.

It may not be panto season anymore, but at the WMC this week you can catch the perfect family panto with all the troupes you’d expect from a festive showing. The story of Mother Goose might be familiar to some, but this new adaptation will surely leave you with plenty of surprises. For a start, Mother Goose herself is played by SIR IAN MCKELLEN. There are plenty of references to Shakespeare, Lord of the Rings and Sir Ian’s other works throughout that will definitely be sure to please his fans in the audience.

Comedian John Bishop was scheduled to appear, however, he has taken compassionate leave and will not appear in any of this week’s shows, Gaberiel Fleary will play the role of Vic instead.

MOTHER GOOSE: Oscar Conlon-Morrey and Ian McKellen. Photo by Manuel Harlan.

For those unfamiliar with the story, Mother Goose and her husband Vic (GABRIEL FLEARY) run an animal rescue shelter, housed in an abandoned Debenhams store in Oxford Street, with their son Jack (OSCAR CONLON-MURRAY). Struggling with raising energy bills, the Goose’s worry about how they will make ends meet.

Luckily, the good witch Encanta (SHARON BALLARD) has a plan. She sends down a golden egg-laying goose, Cila Quack (ANNA-JANE CASEY), to help with their financial problems. However, the bad witch, Malignia (KAREN MAVUNDUKURE), has other plans.

MOTHER GOOSE: Sharon Ballard and Karen Mavundukure. Photo by Manuel Harlan.

Sir Ian McKellen is most certainly one of the highlights of the whole show. His strong stage presence and booming voice illuminate the stage. It’s wonderful to see such a seasoned actor in a role that allows so much creative freedom.

There are plenty of double entendres and adult humor but that doesn’t stop it from being an enjoyable night out for the whole family. It’s a very topical show, with references to Suella Braverman and Boris Johnson.

The musical numbers are another highlight, with amazing choreography from LIZZI GEE. Director CAL MCCRYSTAL has created a show that is inclusive of the whole family, that will definitely get you up singing and dancing by the end.

MOTHER GOOSE is at the Wales Millennium Centre until Saturday 1st April. Tickets start at £18 and are available HERE.

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