Bee Bricks

“If you’re looking to make more space for nature then the Bee Brick solitary bee house is for you. Great for garden lovers, design lovers and nature lovers, the Bee Brick is an innovative nesting site for solitary bees, created to look lovely just stood in your garden, with the innovation that the brick can also be used in place of a standard brick in construction, creating more habitat for non-swarming solitary bees. The Bee Brick provides a stylish nesting site for red mason and leafcutter bees, amongst other cavity nesting species, and makes a real design statement in any bee-friendly garden, allotment, or building.”

– Green&Blue

An interview with Faye Clifton (Team Member at Green & Blue) talking on the Bee Brick after the new regulations were set in place. New builds in Brighton and Hove are required to have a Bee Brick installed during building. A great way to bring some nature to your home and a little step in saving our wildlife.

Video and illustrations by Meg Ellis

Words from Faye Clifton

Images: http://www.greenandblue.co.uk

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