Ukraine war: Cardiff donation centre helps people in need

By Ellie Spark

‘Cardiff for Ukraine’ was set up last year on Ukraine’s independence day, August 25th, to aid Ukraine after the war started and was set up by lead volunteer, Helen Mcaide. We visited the hub today on Royal Stuart Lane by the bay and saw the process of an aid run, on its way to Ukraine.

Shaun Hopkins drives to Ukraine to drop of donations every 10-14 days in his van. This includes items such as, clothes, kitchen appliances, toys, bikes, beds and boardgames. Each drop of takes three days and costs over one thousand pounds. This is a struggle for him because he says, “funding is low and we have been denied three times when applying for it,”

But despite low funds he continues to do his part as he says, “if we don’t do it, who will and the people need the donations so I have got to do it!” He works with UK4U, and they are looking for donations, to make drop offs more frequent.

Helen Mcaide, “puts all her time” into the hub, sorting donations and supporting the Ukrainians through the trauma they were faced with because of the war. And she says, “The people are all so brave, and I just hope I can give them a safe space, here in Cardiff to distract them from all the bad happening.”

Anna and Anastasia from Ukraine say they are “very grateful for the hub and the donations, they have also both made loads of friends.” So, it is crucial for frequent donations because ‘there is never enough of them.’ And everything will help them. You can donate here.

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