Extinction rebellion hold a Senedd protest over Aberpergwm mining deal

The climate change group was outside Welsh parliament today in a demonstration against mining in Glynneath. Smoke, drums and a funeral march were at the centre of the event.

The protest also featured Greta Thunberg’s speech to EU parliament from 2019 followed by a speech from activist Mel price.

Pictured: Mel Price

“When I was a child I was told fossil fuels would run out, I wish they had. We would have solved the problem out of necessity. We can’t say one more mine, one more oil field”

Price also hit out against both Welsh and UK parliament.

“Mark Drakeford said he would stop new developments. Where are you Mark? It’s time to stop the fighting, the labour the conservatives, theres only one answer, just stop the fossil fuels.”

Although the turnout was low the enthusiasm was high. The movement also used the event to plan for the future, with their sights set on London.

The coffin marched to the foot of the Senedd steps.

The mines contain anthracite or hard coal. Neath Port Talbot council extended the mining licence at the colliery in Aberpergwm, allowing them to mine a further 40 million tons.  

Energybuild, the company in charge of the mine have stated they are the only source of high-grade anthracite in Western Europe. The company have butted heads with Extinction Rebellion earlier this month when activists locked themselves in the Energybuild offices.

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