Homemade Polish cuisine hits Cardiff Market

Cardiff Market has a new addition to its food offerings. 

Pierogi Cardiff opened its doors this week on the upper floor of the indoor market.  

Opened on Monday 14th March, the owners were encouraged by friends and family to share their food with the people of Cardiff. 

The current offerings include ‘duck topped with onions and plum sauce’ and ‘cottage cheese, potatoes, onions and crispy bacon.’ 

Customer and chef Joe Lambert said “Cardiff market is become a lot more cosmopolitan. Comparing it to Burger King, this is much more healthy and you see them prepare it right in front of you, you can’t get fresher than that.” 

We tried some of offerings and we were blown away. The cottage cheese filling with onions and bacon were so flavourful and came in a good sized portion. The duck ones came highly recommended and didn’t disappoint. 

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