Home: In Another Land by Glenn Edwards

Words by Caitlyn Morris

Photo taken by Caitlyn Morris

Home: In Another Land is an exhibition from Newport based photojournalist Glenn Edwards. The work spans across 6 years of work photographing the African community across Wales. This long term project covers a range of topics from religion, social issues, remembrance and the Black Lives Matter movement of people who have made a home here. Glenn made connections with lots of people in the African community in Wales, being invited to weddings, parties and religious events, he also joined an African church and become close with the people in the community.

When interviewing Glenn, he told me “Don’t jump in and jump out with a subject, there are lots of things to cover”. Glenn has built up connections with lots of people in the community and lots of them are included in his work, Glenn has built trust with this community over the past couple of years.
Glenn is the director of the Eye festival, he met photographer Vanley Burke who photographs the Caribbean community in the Midlands, creating similar work to Glenn. Vanley’s work has been included in Glenn’s exhibition.

The exhibition was first seen in Aberystwyth and now can been seen at Oriel Colwyn, North Wales photography gallery until the 15th of April. You can see the exhibition as it travels around different galleries across Wales.

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