Hold the light for Ukraine

Images by Karolina Krol

100% Rabbit performing at the fundraiser at The Moon, Cardiff,

Musicians from across South Wales came together at The Moon music venue in Cardiff to raise money to support those affected by the war in Ukraine.

Ophelia Lark

Crowds turned out for the event to show support for Ukraine and enjoy music, Ukraine/Polish vegan food and stand against injustice. Arts and crafts were also on sale which helped to increase the total amount raised to £1400.

Supporters were treated to spoken work poetry alongside performances by bands including, Andrii&Olga – a duet who teamed up just a few days before the show. Andrii is from Ukraine, Olga – from Russia and they main message to share is NO TO WAR.

Other performers included Russel Jones Jr, 100% Rabbit, Baronette, DJ Wowza, Enbe, Fiasco, Jamey P, Ollie P, Ophelia Lark, Zhubat, Stabitha, Laughing Lamb, Konshuss_One and John Collins

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