REVIEW: The Bodyguard opens in Cardiff

Fan favourite The Bodyguard illuminated a gloomy Monday evening at The Wales Millenium Centre earlier this week.

Starring Pussycat Doll Melody Thornton as Rachel Marron and well-known Hollyoaks actor Ayden Callaghan as Frank Farmer, this production spared no expense and started with a bang (literally!).

The Bodyguard trailer

For me personally, The Bodyguard was one of – if not the most – captivating musicals that I’ve had the pleasure of watching. The storyline builds in Act 1, crescendoing at the famous “Mayan Medley” scene. The combination of slow-mo movement, special effects, amazing vocals and lighting created an incredibly tense picture that you couldn’t take your eyes away from.

THE BODYGUARD. Melody Thornton 'Rachel Marron' and Ayden Callaghan 'Frank Farmer'. Photo Paul Coltas
Melody Thornton ‘Rachel Marron’ and Ayden Callaghan ‘Frank Farmer’. Photo: Paul Coltas

You could tell from the very beginning that this show truly deserves its name as fan favourite, with cheers and ferocious applause after every number, but this was especially apparent at the interval and even more so at the end of Act 2, when the audience was invited to get out of their seats and sing along to an extremely energetic medley from the entire cast.

The lighting (by Stuart Cross), sound (by Kelsh Buckman-Drage), and set design (by Ross Edwards) helped to tell a seamless and impactful story, with the right level of focus remaining on the cast while helping to create the perfect backdrop.

Melody Thornton and Company. Photo: Paul Coltas

The story follows music superstar Rachel Marron and her whirlwind romance with her bodyguard Frank Farmer, while dealing with the non-stop chase from Rachel’s creepy and persistent stalker. This thrilling, shocking, heartfelt but glamorous musical is a definite must-see. The Bodyguard, “I will always love you”!

The Bodyguard will be showing at the Wales Millenium Centre until the 29th of April. For more information, the full cast and creatives list or to get your tickets, visit the WMC’s website here.

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