Cost of living crisis puts pressure on Cardiff Market

The rising cost of living is mentioned as one of the main reasons for increasing food and other goods prices. 

The rise in prices has continued to be a big disaster especially for low-income citizens in various areas, including in the Cardiff market, which has been open since May 1891 under Cardiff Council. 

Some traders including fishmonger Nick Wood notes that the price of fish has increased to a point that he must raise the price of his product by a large extent which hurts their customers, and this is due to the increase in the cost of living. 

He said: “The price of the fish we buy has also gone up, we pay for electricity, the cost of fuel is high, the building tax, in fact the standard of living has gone up a lot and so the price of the product must be high.” 

Florist of ten years, Kelly Bridgeman believes that despite a reduction in demand for her product, the naturally high prices of luxury items will sustain her business for the coming months.

Kelly said: “The flower business is a luxury item, so it is very expensive to run it, the price must be high but not to beat people who like flowers to buy, we pay close attention to our customers’ feedback in order to continue to serve them”. 

A customer in Cardiff Market, Sally David, has admitted that the cost of products, including food, has increased, but not only in the Cardiff market, but even in other areas of business shops here in Cardiff and outside Cardiff.  

She said: “The price of the product is high, I don’t think that people with low income can afford to buy it, but in fact it’s not only here, but there are also many places where the price is high, there is no way to avoid this because the cost of living has risen at the moment.” 

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