“It’s becoming a health hazzard”: Cathays residents say they are appalled by the ongoing littering problem

Words by Megan Dibben, Video by Emily Ledgeway and Megan Dibben.

The Cathays area of Cardiff is heavily populated by students because of its affordable housing, variety of bars and easy commute to University campuses.

However, this often leads to messes being left around the area, especially concerning food waste and management of disposal.

Cathays has gained a reputation for being messy and full of rubbish, and a lot of this blame goes towards students. In and around Cathays, there was rubbish all everywhere. Not only is recycling items incorrectly bad for the environment, and general health of the area, some people also find it to be dangerous.

One Cathays resident, Jacob Smith said “I have gotten close to slipping over the rubbish, it’s pretty dangerous. I think it could be a health hazard to older people who are more vulnerable to that kind of thing”.

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