Worth the Weight vintage fashion kilo sale hits Cardiff’s City Hall

Why buy new clothes when you can get so much more pre-loved, and help to save the planet – that’s the message from organisers of a busy vintage sale in Cardiff.

‘Worth the Weight’, the sustainable and vintage clothing provider, came to Cardiff City Hall last weekend, in its aim to take sustainability nationally.

The English company, based in Sheffield, has been running the kilo sales since 2018, to help consumers to find clean and ethically sourced clothes and accessories.

Unlike other kilo sales, our stock isn’t the leftovers after other traders have had their pick! It’s bought especially for these events, and is Grade A stuff”.

They bring clothes ranging from women’s fashion to vintage denim and branded sports gear, with nine tonnes of stock at each sale around the UK and clothes flowing all day.

“I found some items and things that I wouldn’t usually wear or be able to find in most stores,” said Emily, a customer at the event.

“I don’t think you can get all this stuff for £19 from Zara or anything like that, so a good shopping trip overall,” said another customer, Nora.

In the fight for making fashion more ethical, Worth the Weight does its job in attracting consumers interested in making a difference to their wardrobe, and their planet. Organisers say buying second hand helps to:

  • Reduce carbon emmisions
  • Conserving water
  • Conserving energy
  • Managing waste
  • Reduces demand for packaging

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