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Words Reece Harrison-Strati. Pictures Reece Harison-Strati and Eve Gittus

With Veganuary coming to an end we find out whether its changed the lifestyle of those taking part for good.

21-year-old Student Katherine Britton (pictured below), says “I was already a vegetarian and have wanted to try being vegan but always thought it was going to be difficult so I used Veganuary as an excuse to try” and that she will continue to be vegan “because its been way easier than I thought, as I’m already vegetarian and don’t drink cows milk, so I may as well continue as it’s much better for the environment”.

Anna Moller (right), stated that she was always “going in and out of being vegan”. Normally a dairy free vegetarian who can’t eat dairy she say that she will “definitely eat a lot less stuff with egg but my boyfriend quite likes cooking with it”.

Joe Cattle (below), says that turning vegan for January was because his girlfriend urged him to take up the challenge. He was already a vegetarian so thought he “may as well give it a try”. After four weeks of veganism, Joes say that he will revert back to vegetarianism because he found it difficult, mainly “when it comes to pre packaged stuff like chocolate and when out eating”.

Vegan Recipe – Vegetable Thai Green Curry

Serves 3-4 people



2 tbsp Thai green curry paste (vegan)

1 onion

1 whole red chili


green beans


carrots (or any choice of vegetables)


1 can of coconut milk


  1. Add oil to a pot, dice up an onion and add into the pot with curry paste
  2. Stir until onions are golden
  3. Add whole can of coconut milk and simmer for a few minutes
  4. Add chopped vegetables
  5. Add whole can of coconut milk and simmer for a few minutes
  6. Add chopped vegetables and cover with a lid, cook until vegetables are cooked through
  7. After cooking, add garnishes of coriander and chopped chili’s
  8. Serve with boiled rice and enjoy

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