Arson attack on Cardiff Catholic Church

The incident occurred at Saint Philip Evans Catholic Parish and Community Hall in Llanydeyrn, where Cardiff’s food bank is usually hosted, between 9pm and 10pm on the 9th of March.

Those responsible had made their way into the centre via the gateway and had snatched one of the toilet rolls through the open window by the bathroom, before lighting it and throwing it back in.

“It was awful”, said Bernadette Nolan, the director of the Catholic Deaf Service which runs one of its branches within the community centre.

“I had a phone call from the the fire service to say there had been an incident. There was a dance class currently taking place, and they could smell burning and ran to all areas to check where it was coming from, and it was coming from the toilets.”

Due to of COVID-19, the staff had been required to keep the windows and general ventilation open for fresh air and circulation.

The incident is still under investigation by police.

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