Damp home crisis in Maesteg

Words and images by Kelsey Roberts

Residents in Caerau, Maesteg, have been living in damp homes since 2013 when they were part of an energy saving scheme under Green Renewable Wales where they were told that having insulation placed onto their houses would lower their energy bills. Jayne, 51 and Stuart Roberts, 52 have been living with damp in parts of their house where they have ever had it before, for nearly 6 years. The Green Renewable Wales Scheme was set up by Phil White, who unfortunately died in 2020 from Coronavirus, left 100+ houses and families in devastating conditions. They have been fighting to rectify the issue for 6 years because of the conditions they are living in.

“They feel absolutely disgusted that the council have left our house in a state. They want someone to take accountablitlity for the shoddy work that has been done”.

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