A day in a life of a Monumental Mason.

Video and Words by Kelsey Roberts

David James, Monumental Mason. David James has been a Monumental Mason for the last 29 years in Maesteg after buying his house next to Maesteg Cemetery where he has been carving and painting headstones for the residents for that time. David has took on the job as a hobby first and then as time went on it built into the business that it is today.

Being a Monumental Mason has both good and bad times. David says, “you meet people at sad times where they have lost loved ones but you get a buzz out of them saying that you have done good job and have provided exactly what they wanted.” It’s a very demanding job on the body according to David, “as you get older it takes its toll on your body.”

David is continuing doing this job from his workshop next to his house for the people of Maesteg and providing a service that allows families to visit their loved ones.

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