Council makes plans to make Cardiff’s parks safer

Picture by Eleanor Fox

Bute Park, Cardiff

Cardiff City Council have started making plans to install new path lights and CCTV in Cardiff’s parks to ensure the safety of the public.

The motion was set in place in October 2021, following the events of vandalism, arson attacks and an alleged murder, the recent deaths of Ashling Murphy and Sarah Everard were brought to light as women’s safety in parks is an ongoing issue.

On Thursday 20th January 2022, the cabinet had made a report stating that “Parks are places where individuals and families should feel safe”. Cardiff City Council are now setting up plans and budgets and we will receive more details in the next couple of months.

However, following these plans, the affect on the environment was highlighted as the impact on the nature would be a problem. Councillors had addressed this and decided to install environmentally friendly lights to try not to disturb the wildlife in the parks at night and stated that the lights were only to be installed on main pathways.

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