Foundation helping with the migrant crisis on the Polish-Belarus border

Michałowo, Poland January 22, 2022

The crisis on the Polish-Belarus border is a migrant emergency consisting of an influx of tens of thousands of immigrants, mainly from middle eastern and African countries, but mostly Iraq. There are several foundations in Poland helping refugees, one of which is Humanitarian Point in the city of Michałowo. The charity acts as a distribution point for essential items to local activists who then travel to the forests on the Polish-Belarus border where many of the refugees are camped.

Radzimir Burzyński (pictured above) is currently helping at Humanitarian Point tells that there are three main missions of the place. He says “The most important responsibility of the Humanitarian Point in Michałowo is supplying local and NGO activists with the most needed things and equipment”. The main items that activists need to help refugees are medicine supplies, food and clothes.

Another important mission is that Humanitarian point is a space for activists to come and rest in between interventions. Worth mentioning is also that it is a safe space, a meeting point and a place where people can meet with the media if needed.

Red parts on the map shows the border between Poland and Belarus. It’s also the area which is called as “forbidden” by a Polish Government.

Words, video and images by Karolina Król

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