Protest in Cardiff in response to Russian invasion of Ukraine

Images by Karolina Krol, Reece Harrison-Strati and Hashim Al-Hashmi. Words by Karolina Król

Hundreds of people gathered in the front of the Senedd, Cardiff, last night to join a “No to War” protest in solidarity with Ukraine after Russian invasion last week.

28th February 2022, 6.00pm, Senedd, South Glamorgan, Wales, United Kingdom. Natalia Łopuszyńska came to the protest to support Ukraine. Picture by Karolina Król

Protest were held around the world, with the people of Cardiff waving blue and yellow banners demanding that the UK Government impose more restrictive sanctions on Russia.

Adam Price, leader of the Plaid Cymru party said “We need to stop the Russian economy from functioning completely”. He finished with the uplifting words “One thing Putin can’t crush is the hope and the spirit of the Ukrainian people”.

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