Ukraine ‘I stand with you’

Images by Tom Davies and Ellie Spark.

British artist, ‘My Dog Sighs’ has painted this image too ‘highlight his sadness over the Ukrainian invasion by Russia.’

My Dog Sighs, (Paul Stone) created this image of a crying eye to represent the conflict happening in Ukraine, as they enter their seventh day of war with Russia. The yellow and blue reflect the colours of their flag, and the silhouette of the city represents the capital, Kyiv, which has been targeted. And as a result, there has been two thousand civilian deaths, so far.

My Dog Sighs said: “The tear speaks for itself. A horrid, horrid situation.”

This thoughtful image has been there since the 28th of February and has been shared across most social media platforms. But, if you want to see it in real life, this painting can be found on Northcote Lane, Cathays, Cardiff.

Dima Marić, a Ukrainian student, now living in Cardiff, was shown the mural today.

He said, “It is a good way to show support for my country, it is beautiful and anything anyone does, I am very thankful for.”

His family home, normally a ‘safe and loving environment” is now a hiding place for 16 members of his family, as they are forced to hide in the basement to avoid the conflict. “We are lucky to have this basement, as not everyone has one. We are also very lucky to live in a, somewhat, safe area of Ukraine.”

But, for other family and friends in other areas of Ukraine, that is not the case.

And so Marić fears for his country as he never imagined anything like this to happen. “We are in 2022, people should fight with their words not with their guns.

I am very heartbroken and upset it has come to this, but the support we have been given, I am very thankful for. And I have never seen my country so united, and because of that, I am so proud.”

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