Hundreds gather for the march against racism in Cardiff

By Melisa Numan

National demonstrations were held across London, Cardiff and Glasgow today in response to the UK Government’s Illegal Migration Bill.

Initiated by ‘Stand Up To Racism’ and supported by the Trades Union Congress, the event had more than twelve speakers who talked to the people at Cardiff’s City Hall and The Senedd.

The march comes to support refugees who have come to the UK to seek sanctuary. Protesters held a stance against recent ban on asylum delivered by Rishi Sunak’s party in the House of Commons, along with action against racism, Islamophobia, fascism and the far-right.

The march was joined by Unite Community Swansea, Green Party Cardiff, Black Lives Matter and more local organisations.

This week, home secretary Suella Braverman presented contentious legislation stating that migrants who arrive in the United Kingdom through unauthorised means, such as crossing the English Channel by boat, will have their asylum petitions considered ineligible.

Beth Winter (left), MP from the Labour Party said:

“I am here to express my solidarity with everyone and to express how absolutely appalled I am by this cruel, inhumane rotten Tory Government”

Mrs. Winter who was in the chamber of Parliament at the announcement of “inflammatory and racist” Illegal Migration Bill said the behaviour “has to be called out”.

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