Emily Henry’s exciting new April release

Emily Henry is an American Author who mainly writes women’s fiction and romance books. She has written and published six novels and since then has been named as the New York Times bestselling author for her novels “Beach Read”, “Book Lovers” and “People We Meet on Vacation”.

Her books, usually based in America will involve romance between the two main characters. Each of her novels, portray the element of romance differently which is interesting because none of the books follow the same story. She published her first book “A Million Junes” in 2017 and her most recent book “Book Lovers” was published in 2022. Emily is a very popular writer amongst regular readers.

Happy Place – Out 25th April

She has announced her new book called “Happy Place” is due to be published on the 25th of April 2023. Emily Henry has also been listed for the New York Times bestselling author award for her new novel coming out in this month. Happy Place follows two characters Harriet and Wyn after their recent break up which they have not told their friends about leading to issues when they must share a room together at a friend’s getaway.

Emily has said about Happy Place:  “Thank you all so much for reading. I hope when you read this one, you won’t see all the work that went into it, but you will see the love and passion behind the work. It was a hard one but I think it was worth it. April 25.”

If you are looking for something new and uplifting to read, pick up a copy of Emily Henry’s new novel “Happy Place” on April the 25th.

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