Llandaff Cathedral: Popular YouTuber to perform at anniversary recital

Popular YouTuber and and organist Richard McVeigh has over 95,000 subscribers and will be playing this weekend in the historic Llandaff Cathedral which has been in the city since 1120. This is to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the church organ’s installation.

The original organ served the church for 60 years but after a freak lightning strike in 2003 followed by a final blow in 2007 – it was rendered “unusable”. A £1.5 million restoration effort was launched.

The event will consist of videos uploaded as a premiere. The recital will be the first time two Cathedral Organists have given a recital on their home organ back-to-back, and they finish with a duet.

The organ was built in two symmetrical cases, situated either side of the Choir, and contains a total of 4870 pipes now that the Solo organ has been installed. The stop list marks a return to the romantic English style. Great, Solo and Pedal divisions are located in the two bays in the North Choir with the Swell, Choir and console opposite in the South Choir. The organ cases, designed by Simon Platt, frame Sir Jacob Epstein’s statue of Christ in Majesty, a unique architectural feature which is recognised around the world.

The organ at Llandaff Cathedral

Construction began in September 2008, moving to the cathedral in April 2009. The partially completed organ was opened on schedule for Easter 2010. Further fund raising enabled the final stage of work to commence, and the organ was taken out of service during the summer of 2013 to complete the Solo and Pedal organs. The opening recital of the fully completed organ was by Robert Quinney on 8th November 2013.

Director of music, Stephen Moore, is looking forward to the year ahead and the celebration.

“The organ is at the heart of the daily life of the cathedral and we are extremely proud of this remarkable instrument. As we approach the 10th anniversary of the completion of the organ, it is right that we should celebrate the vision of those who sought to bring an instrument of such a high calibre to Llandaff and the doubtless achievement of the cathedral community who worked so hard to bring the project to fruition.”

Assistant Director of Music, Aaron Shilson, is performing alongside Richard and is excited for the weekend.

“The organ is the voice of the cathedral, its used every day in worship and serves a multitude of functions. The events include a demonstration by me explaining the history of the organ and what I can do. Richard is providing us with a performance and we are really looking to that.

Aaron Shilson playing the organ

This weekends events are taking place on the 17th, 18th and 19th and the cathedral is encouraging people to donate because the church is currently in debt according to Madeline Beswick who is a volunteer.

You can find Richard McVeigh’s Youtube channel here:

More information about the ten years of Llandaff Cathedral organ celebrations can be found here:

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