Arhantika Rebello: ‘The Covid pandemic gave me time to focus on myself and my studies’

By Emily Price.

A university graduate is celebrating the success of an online magazine which she created for her final project during the Covid-19 crisis. 

Arhantika Rebello, 21, graduated from the University of South Wales last year in the grip of the pandemic. Her online magazine, Quake, was originally intended to be her final project but its bold and colourful website has since gone from strength to strength. 

Arhantika Rebello

Arhantika said: “Throughout my time on the photojournalism course at USW I was really interested in fashion, editorial and more creative photography.  

“For my final project I wanted to produce a magazine. When the pandemic happened, I didn’t want my hard work to go to waste so I created a website instead.”

Quake has seen its success grow since its launch in May 2020 as a platform for young creatives around the world to showcase their work. With Coronavirus restrictions meaning Arhantika has spent more time at home, she’s been able to perfect the website.   

Bold and colourful – The website features work from young creatives. Image by Kreshonna K

Arhantika said: “I wanted Quake to be a print publication but putting it online wasn’t such a bad thing in the end. I’ve been able to connect with a lot of people online and do collaborations digitally.

“When I created it for my final project at university, I always hoped that it would be something I could continue on with once I graduated.” 

Among its many features, Quake exhibits honest self-portraits of young people in lockdown around the world. The candid shots highlight how Coronavirus has impacted people in different ways, with each picture telling a sincere story of life in a pandemic.  

A self portrait from Quake’s feature on quarantine space. Image by Anna.

For Arhantika, her time spent finishing her degree in lockdown gave her space to focus on her goals and she achieved a first-class degree in photojournalism.  

“It wasn’t an easy time to be in education. I took comfort in the fact that we were all in the same boat, it wasn’t just me experiencing the tough times.  

“That motivated me to focus on my work because at the end of the course I was able to achieve a degree and I could move on with my life.”  

As well as beautiful images, the website also includes interviews. Jess Davies is featured and explains how she became a Welsh blogger, vlogger and presenter and offers advice to young people struggling with the stress social media can bring.

While working on Quake, Arhantika has also been able to use her degree in photojournalism to secure a job as a photographer. 

Photojournalism course leader Andy Pearsall said: “It makes me feel immensely proud to have taught students that go on to make a name for themselves in their chosen fields. 

“Students never really leave, they’re always part of the course. It’s only the beginning of what I hope is a lifelong friendship.” 

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