The Mystery of Billy Wynt

The Billy Wynt is a small isolated stone tower that sits on the hilltop of Y Graig, near the old historic town of Llantrisant, South Wales. Although a well known part of the landscape, the origins and reason for the circular structure are unknown.

Dean Powell, local historian and manager at Guild Hall in Llantrisant Old Town says, “the origins of this lonely tower remains something of a mystery. Traditionally historians have viewed it as a windmill which Taliesin Morgan claimed was destroyed in a Welsh rebellion in 1280. When considering its vantage point, distance from the town and positioning of the tower, the likelihood of this being a windmill becomes less possible. It was probably an auxiliary tower to the castle, because it had a view of the main route through the Ely Valley. This viewpoint would have made it an ideal command post, allowing the local garrison to oversee the route and be aware of any would-be rebels.”

The tower itself is relatively small, it features inside a set of stone steps upon which you can climb to the top and stand on the thick walls, you are able to see far out over the channel. There is a popular public footpath that leads up Y Graig hill, and the public are able to access the tower.

Words and images by Liv Davies

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