A twist on National Hugging Day 2021

Not being able to hug friends and family has been a difficult aspect of the COVID-19 pandemic for many of us, there’s nothing like the power of a hug for comfort. Despite not being able to be in close contact with loved ones there are alternatives that can done for this years National hugging day such as elbow bumping which has been endorsed by the World Health Organisations director of pandemic diseases, Sylvie Briand, as a safer way for contact with others instead of hugging and holding hands.

Other alternatives could be sign language or a little socially distanced dance to show affection that would normally be channeled into a hug. If it’s absolutely necessary to hug someone, wearing a mask, holding your breath, turning your face in opposite directions and sanitising hands before and after the hug are a must.

Words and photographs by Abi Davies

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