Dating online for Valentines

Levels of loneliness are at a record high in the UK. The Office for National Statistics state that over half of all singles are lonely because the pandemic has made it almost impossible to meet new people, either organically or at social events. However, virtual dating is rising in popularity as its a safe way to engage and find love.

Dating apps such as Tinder and Bumblehave have made looking for love easier with new lockdown friendly options including extending location preferences, so singles can now interact with potential partners from across the globe. Bumble saw a 69% increase in the usage of their video app between the end of March and the beginning of May in 2020. Which saw rivals, Tinder, adding video chat and Hinge making a virtual date button.

(Stock image by Caitlin Bolt)

One benefit to online dating is that users are given the opportunity to speak with multiple matches through video chat before taking the leap of meeting up in real life, thus avoiding those awkward first date encounters. With around a third of relationships in the last five years starting online, and with this percentage continuing to increase, it looks like there is no better time to log on and find love.

Words and images by Caitlin Bolt, BA Photojournalism

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