Woman is fined £1000 after being accused of starting 3-day-long protest following the death of Mohamud Hassan

Members of the BLM community and other supporters in South Wales have been in uproar after another death of a black person occurred after they had spent the night in police custody. Bianca Ali, a core member of the BLM community, attended the first protest in support of Mohamud Hassan and refused to leave until the South Wales police promised to release body cam footage of the incident. 

Mr Hassan died after being released from police custody in Cardiff. His family says he was assaulted but police say there is no evidence that officers used excessive force against him.

Bianca Ali was extremely vocal during the protests and was fined £1000 by the police after they accused her of “orchestrating” the protest.  Protests are not allowed under Welsh Government restrictions to prevent the spread of Covid.

Although angry and upset with the actions of the police Ali says she will continue to fight for justice, not only for Hassan but every black person in South Wales. 

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