A Brigid’s doll is placed at a Wiccan’s altar in celebration of Imbolc, in Llantrisant, Wales. 5th February 2021. Brigid is an Irish goddess of creativity and fire. A Brigids doll is created with reeds and brought into the home during Imbolc to bring luck and protection. Once the person is finished with the doll, it will be buried or burnt. Various followers of faiths, such as Wicca, celebrate Imbolc at this time of year, with the main day being on the 2nd February, it is then celebrated, by some, throughout the week. Imbolc is a celebration of purity and rebirth, it is a celebration of the Sun King waking up and the light begining to return after the winter months. Imbolc is a time to light fires to celebrate the warmth retunring, it is also a time to let go of things that are holding us back, wether it be emotional or clutter in the house. The altar at this Greater Sabbat is decorated with white swan feathers; candles in colours of green, gold, white and yellow; snow drop flowers; Brigids doll, Brigids cross; orange and red ribbons. Incense burnt at this sabbat are smells such as; vanilla, myrrh, basil, carnation and spring flower. There are many activities people who celebrate Imbolc will do at this time of year as well., for example, kitchen magick can be carried out, baking cakes such as lemon and poppy seed cakes; lemon is for purity and poppy seeds represent new growth. Many begin planting the seeds in their herb garden or even in wild places.

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