Cardiff, Wales, UK. March 17th 2020.
Portrait of Rhys Harris, owner of Bomber’s Sandwich House in Cardiff.
Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, many (independent) businesses have found themselves in a very challenging situation at the moment. For weeks, forecasters have warned about the potential damages it may cause businesses and now, that has become a devastating reality. The fear of the unknown, when it will return to normal is one of the many concerns says local shop owner Rhys Harris at the Bomber’s Sandwich House in the city centre of Cardiff. “As 70% of our customers are office workers, we have noticed a big difference this week as many are working from home, self-isolating. Compare to other businesses, the hospitality industry is extra vulnerable as each day of lost sales won’t be seen again. I’m trying to stay optimistic and realistic at the same time. It may be over soon, but after following the development in other countries, this might just be the beginning”.

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