PONTYPRIDD, WALES. 5 February 2020. Pictured is Lauren Valentine, a local eco warrier. Originally from the North west of England, she now studies international wildlife biology in Pontypridd and is also responsible for the (in development) zero waste store on the USW Treforest campus. Lauren has worked to make her own lifestyle more sustainable by making the changes that we all should be making. From being plastic free to being vegan and shopping sustainably. “I think the thing that scares students away from being more sustainable is the upfront cost of a lot of sustainable products – let’s say for example the shampoo bars at lush. But actually in the end, those shampoo bars end up lasting way longer than your plastic bottle of shampoo, so it can end up being quite cost effective overall. It can feel quite hopless when people around you don’t seem to be doing much but it’s easier than you would think. Research your options because there are so many, and then take it in small steps, one aspect of your life at a time.”

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