Taylor Swift fan gets the wrong version of «Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)»

After receiving the anticipated new album, one fan ended up with something unexpected!

Taylor Swift announced in May this year that she would release a new and improved version of her 2010 album Speak Now, as a part of her ongoing battle for ownership of her masters. Following the release on Friday, July 7th, many Swifties were excited to get their hands on the vinyl but one fan ended up with something unexpected. TikTok user @mischief_marauder gave her followers a glimpse of her orchid vinyl. «Does anyone else’s Speak Now not have Taylor Swift on it?» she said in the video that currently has over 300 thousand views. The video continued with a spooky audio «I quit seeing people, quit looking at the flakes of flesh and dancing organisms,»  The Fan turned the camera around and asked «Who is this?» with a laugh before continuing «Speak Now, not Taylor’s Version» She later showed her viewers the other side of the vinyl, which played a male voice repeating «70 billion people of earth» and «Where are they hiding» After a huge response in her comment section, the fan eventually shared a second video saying «Both sides have another son on and it’s called «Happy Land.» Other sportive fans tagged Swift in the comment section, telling her to send the fan a new album and even tickets to Taylor’s upcoming tour. The artist herself has not responded to the TikTok.

One fan commented «So it looks like what you have is a compilation album called Happy Land Vol 1: A Compendium of Electronic Music from the British Isles 1992-1996»  The fan posted some snippets of her vinyl on Twitter, which got other Swifties concerned. One fan commented, «Which colour variant was this because now I’m scared for mine- I haven’t played it yet because it arrived while I was at work.» This is not the first time something like this has happened, with one Twitter user pointing out that something like this happened earlier this year. A bunch of Melanie Martinez’s «Portals» albums ended up getting Fall Out Boy’s «So Much for Stardust» instead. 

«Speak Now» is the third of Swift’s albums so far to get the Taylor’s version treatment, following «Fearless» and «Red» released in 2022. Swift wrote in a statement on Instagram explaining her inspiration behind the album and teased a few new fault songs, that had never been released. The re-recording of Swift’s albums has so far been met with positive reactions from fans, who support her gaining back the ownership of her music. 

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