Annalise Jade Interview

Self-described “mainly a musician”, Annalise Jade has recently been branching into other creative arts. Sarah Bowdidge met with her to discuss her music career, and what we can expect next…

Q: You’re not only a musician, you’re also a voice actor and producer. Do you find voice over work as being very different to recording your own music?

A: Yeah, actually, because with voice over work I can kind of be freely theatrical and dramatic. But, I do try to incorporate my typical dramatic theatrics into my music just because I enjoy it. I enjoy being over the top and flamboyant. But sometimes I do have to remember to dial it down. But yeah, I’ve been producing for the last seven plus years now. Gosh, even longer thanthat. I’ve been doing it since I was a kid. So yeah, I’ve been producing for a long time.

Q: What can someone expect when they see you perform live?

A: How can I say this? Some unexpected types of sounds, sounds that people wouldn’t usually use. I try my best to be enthusiastic towards the crowd, no matter what but i’m still learning, still getting there. I try to relate to my audience. I love to build an emotional connection with the people watching, that’s my main goal. My music is my attempt at showing the world what I’ve kind of been through in life, kind of the things that I’ve faced. It’s my attempt at presenting that in an artistic form that represents me on the inside.

Photos by Kelsey Roberts and Megan Locke

Q: How do you cope with un-energetic crowds?

A: So I’ve been to a couple of open mics and things like that because gigging or no gigging, I like to do open mics, just because it’s a nice, chill way to perform. Without the expectation, I still try to give 100% but usually in those kinds of environments, the audience will not be very energetic, you know, they’re just chilling. They’re there to listen to some music and have a pint with their mates, you know, with a chill vibe. So yeah, I guess in a small way, I find it a bit difficult. But when I finish a song, and I still get some applause and some cheers, I feel better.

Q: And what advice do you have for young musicians that are trying to get their music heard? Do you have any advice?

A: Well, I don’t consider myself a person who was qualified to give such advice. But if I could offer any advice, it would be, especially as a singer, don’t compare yourself to your favourite musicians because it will really bog you down. The stuff you’re listening to has been electronically enhanced to sound that way. Sometimes, you know, for example, these people, they’ve practised a bunch. And that takes a lot of energy. Go easy on yourself. Don’t beat yourself up and don’t compare yourself to other musicians who have had a very different path to you. You’ve got your own path. You’ve got your own path to greatness.

Q: So what’s next for Annalise Jade?

A. As far as music goes, I’ve just finished my album. So that’s out now on Spotify and all platforms. I did get to perform some songs from my album at Immersed festival, but I’m still very new to the live scene, kind of working my way around. I’ve only been doing it for about a year and a half. So yeah, I definitely hope to promote my album live again in the future. I’d love to do it at some of my favourite venues. I’m very open about travelling as well. I’d love to maybe go to Bristol or Le Pub in Newport. That’s a venue I’d love to perform at. But I’m not sure what’s going to come next. I’m kind of in the brainstorming phase again. So we’ll see.

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