Asian Girls are Going Places: A Book Review

Summer is fast approaching, so here is the perfect book for Asian girls who enjoy travelling or plan to travel in the  future.

The second book in the Girls Guide to the World series, Asian Girls are Going Places, is a book with a spin: it includes practical advice and much more from author Michelle Law and her interviewees that specifically addresses the joys, fears, and obligations unique to Asian women travelling the world.

Michelle Law is an Australian writer and actor whose work frequently addresses issues of race, gender, and culture. Her first book, Asian Girls Are Going Places, was released in 2019. Growing up as an Asian girl in Western society can be challenging. Asian girls face discrimination and prejudice, both subtle and overt, ranging from stereotypes to microaggressions.

Despite these obstacles, Asian girls are succeeding in all aspects of their lives. Asian ladies are breaking down stereotypes and leaving their mark on the world. This book captures that empowering quality brilliantly and serves as a guide for Asian women navigating this world. 

The book’s artwork by Louise Zhang and illustrations by Joey Leung are lively, and colourful. The striking vibrancy embodies the thrill of exploring new destinations. The book stands out because author Michelle Law and the people she interviewed provide practical advice tailored to experiences that are specific to Asian women who travel the world.

Overall, this book addresses travel companions, self-care, culture, and food which all offer a perspective for how different people experience travel. It has the potential to inspire and empower women to travel the world, because after all, Asian girls are in fact going places. 

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