Caerphilly Food & Drink Festival 

Event Review

Saturday 29th April 2023

A perfect sunny day for food and drinks. The all-day 9 am-5 pm event took over the town of Caerphilly from the high street (Cardiff Road) through to The Twyn Car Park. With over 130 stall traders from street food to handmade baked goods there’s something for everyone. The event brought dramatic footfall to the town full of foodies looking for small businesses to buy from. By 2 pm most stalls were waiting for more stock to be delivered as they were mostly sold out.
Caerphilly Castle was surrounded by people sitting to eat with entertainment from live music to animals for kids to pet and feed. The number of people filling up buses and car parks to be a part of this event created a beautiful atmosphere for Caerphilly with people wanting to support locals.
It was a stunning day for the Welsh little town, seeing small businesses sell out and Caerphilly being ram-packed. Some stalls that stood out to me were The Welsh Saucery and Freda’s Cornwall Peanut Butter. Both of these stalls I purchased from were selling out fast. These stood out to me as not only was the food amazing, the packaging was eye-catching and very creative. Once going to the stall the owners were so lovely and enthusiastic about their business making me want to support them even more so.

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