Independent Bookstore Day – 29th April

Today is Independent Bookstore Day which will be celebrated by book lovers and independent book shops. Visiting independent bookstores is a different experience compared with visiting a chain bookstore such as Waterstones. There is something relaxing about walking around a smaller bookstore that may not have your typical mainstream books. There will often be a selection of preloved books and books that are ready to be loved. You may find new editions, old editions, or classic books.

Mr B’s Emporium Bookshop – Independent BookstoreBath

Why should we support Independent Bookstores?

It is important to support independent bookstores for many different reasons. Firstly, they offer us a chance to discover books we may not find in mainstream bookstores.

  • They will often own unique books that are hard to get a hold of in other locations.
  • They will often sell books from authors who might not be as well-known as others. This gives smaller authors a chance to get their books promoted in independent stores.
  • It gives you a chance to support a smaller store and keep their business going.
  • You’ll discover lots of new hidden treasures.
  • Independent bookstores tend to feel cosy and will look more attractive than regular bookstores.
  • Independent bookstores often encourage diversity which contributes to a great literature display as well as getting voices heard.
  • It is important to help smaller authors who want their books to be sold and published. Independent bookstores help in doing so.

Why are Independent Bookstores becoming more popular?

The main reason that independent bookstores have become more popular is due to the rise in bookselling from the social media platform Tik Tok. More than 34 billion users on Tik Tok have been interacting and watching videos relating to books. This influential platform has had a positive impact on booksellers and the publishing industry.  It has been said that the younger generation is protecting independent bookshops since they prefer to purchase books there rather than online. The number of independent bookstores across the UK has risen due to the demand of books from reading fans.

A lot of readers visit these bookstores to take images and admire their beauty. Daunt Books in London has been tagged over 100,000 times on Instagram. Therefore, showing the rise of independent bookstores due to the influence from social media.

Topping & Company Booksellers – Independent BookstoreBath

How can we celebrate Independent Bookstore Day?

There are many ways of celebrating and supporting independent bookstore day. Firstly, visiting your nearest store and admiring the shelves. Visit them and purchase a book from them if you want to help small bookstores. Anyone can participate and enjoy independent bookstore day. Some stores will have authors in for talks which is a great way of celebrating this national day.

I will be celebrating Independent Bookstore Day by visiting some of my favourite stores near me.

Troutmark Books – Independent BookstoreCardiff

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