LET’S CELEBRATE WITH POETRY – by Martin Andrews titled : ‘Re-Birth’

Images by : Lynne Hughes-Williams

Interview conducted by: Lynne Hughes-Williams

Why do we celebrate World Poetry day? What is its significance and does it have a significance?

The 21st March was adopted by UNESCO in 1999. It is their belief that poetry is a common language that is universal to all globally. The significance of continuing to celebrate this day, is so that people across the globe are encouraged to continue to learn literacy. Data gathered by UNESCO indicate a a clear growth in literacy skills across the world, the figures illustrate that more of the younger generation are more literate than the older generations in some countries. This being an indication that literacy is improving, however, more work is needed. https://ourworldindata.org/literacy#literacy-by-generation.

"Arranged in words, coloured with images, struck with the right meter, the power of poetry has no match. As an intimate form of expression that opens doors to others, poetry enriches the dialogue that catalyses all human progress, and is more necessary than ever in turbulent times."

Audrey Azoulay, Director General UNESCO


Martin had a conceptual idea of creating images and he asked if I would collaborate with him to bring images to life. Images that would represent him as a person, who like many other people, has experienced challenges in life to include mental health challenges his images represent how he felt when at a low, and how he felt vulnerable. The images portray how he gradually became stronger through stages of his life.

I felt privileged to be asked to work with him and the belief he had in me to create such work. I of course said yes.

Martin explains his objective as “To show a visual representation of drastic change, personal growth and developing your self-awareness consciously through your own mental health as an adult through personal sacrifice, self assessment, trauma, understanding, love and the want to feel more alive. Welcome to my ‘Re’Birth’ “.

A series of poems complemented with conceptual images




Just because something is, it does not mean that is how it always has to be.

As we look, we can sometimes forgot to see

Forget to feel or even understand the simplest parts of one’s self in an otherwise process of thought that can be somewhat chaotic 

To the adult human form returning to a state that is totally embryonic 

Progression in this metaphorical sense is not measured by a linear means but by the work put in to enhance your own personal needs

With the elimination of greeds except the gluttony of self improvement
A movement 
That soon meant 
An eviction of the old tenement that subsided in your minds yard 

Your growth & impact on this earth,
can be set a new path
It just may need a midlife ‘Re-Birth’ 



Acceptance, the evolution of the vulnerability created by the foetal stage.

An internal battle with yourself, a war waged.
Uncertain & uncomfortable you ask yourself what for?
Cerebral mental warfare, the art of war.

Your mind becomes softer but stronger at the same time.
Your spirit rises 
Your body not quite able to keep up, but that’s fine.
Patience is key
Patience is the key
Beyond that bolted door is your perception of being free.
Un-chained mind & spirit
Trust the process 
The progress is no less worth the fight 
No longer soul-less.



Weaknesses of one’s self are NOT weakness if one is self aware!
In their purest form they’re simply areas requiring the most improvement.
You are now in control of your own growth
and more power
Spiritually, mentally and physically you begin to blossom like a flower.
More power
You tower
More upright now.. although your vessel is not quite on the same level as your mental.
More power 
Your growth is no longer finite
Your potential becomes limitless 
The road you’ve chosen to embark on is right 
Are you prepared to finish this? 
A display of strength has been on show 
You continue to march forward and grow
You can feel it now, now you KNOW
you know choosing YOU was the correct way to go! 



Your colossus vessel more upright now
A pillar of strength in all sense 
Weight bearing 
Solid & steady
Formed & ready
Mind, Body & Spirit in tow
Alignment the refinement of rediscovering your soul.
Unwavering and brand new,
Who knew, the new you had always been within you!

Your resurrection 
Your resurgence 
The collection of consistent cultivation
The motivation of which was born of adversity 
The chaos in the glory 
The pride for a tale of your story 
Your life the proof 
Your life the truth

Powerful now, rugged and unwavering 
A moment in time worth savouring.



STRENGTH, In embracing your past
STRENGTH, In knowing your weaknesses
STRENGTH, In accepting the challenge of adversity
Ultimate STRENGTH in breaking yourself down and re-building the pieces!

So now your strongest posture you wear like a crown
No more wounded soldier stance
Eyes transfixed on your own star, beams of purpose & hope shine down 
You are supplemented by handpicked companions of truth and trust.
Lust, no longer holds meaning without feeling.
Intent & centred, oozing with calm
Peace of self - you’re unable to do harm

Re-Birth, A Re-Birth, Your Re-Birth
Not that of which you must leave earth 
Quite the opposite 
More aware, more sentient, more in tune
More care, old self to lament, negativity you become immune!

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