One non-profit’s goals for a sustainable future in Wales

By Georgia Ferda

Benthyg Cymru, first set up in 2020, is a community non-profit organisation which aims to “make borrowing things as easy as popping out for a loaf of bread”.

With 17 “library of things” across Wales so far, they make items accessible to the public to promote a more cost-effective and environmentally conscious way of getting the things you need.

At the Penarth “library of things”, Project Officer and Penarth local Dan Brown said how part of Benthyg Cymru’s aims are to be conscious of costs, especially with the ongoing cost of living crisis.

He said: “We’ve got around 450 items in the library at the moment. They range from event equipment to gardening tools, power tools. We’ve got children’s costumes, that’s one of our biggest sections on the website now.

Dan Brown of Benthyg Penarth
Dan Brown of Benthyg Penarth

“There’s camping equipment, there’s children’s stuff, it’s quite a variety of things.

“Pretty much everything that’s in the garage here has been donated by kind people who just don’t want to keep it for themselves. They’re quite happy for other people to loan it.”

You can find your local library by visiting

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