New south Wales metro angers the public due to disruption

A significant transport link into Cardiff has been causing ongoing disruption since the plans for the Metro started.

The South Wales Metro is a multi-million-pound project to redesign and improve transport links between the valleys, the Vale of Glamorgan and throughout Cardiff. The multi-million-pound project connects valley links into central Cardiff for more sustainable travel across South Wales.

Image from Transport for Wales

Due to work in connection with transforming the valley lines for the South Wales Metro, there has been ongoing disruption. 

Danescourt station has been affected by electrical work starting in the early morning hours, which is trying not to disrupt the services on the line during the day.

The constant late-night Noise and disruption have affected people in and around Llandaf North. Some neighbours had to cut down the trees in their gardens.

Cardiff Council has a Tree Protection Order (TPO) that protects trees in woodland areas. Danescourt station surrounds the entire station and is just off the track line. There are some ancient trees on the line which are reportedly getting removed. Over half of the trees have already withdrawn to allow extra room for the electrical work.

Workers on the line have cut back on all the trees. The trees covered the houses behind and were recently cut down as they’ve ‘massacred it’.

Paul Gammon, from Fairwater, said: ‘’Cardiff Council has no interest or cares about destroying trees or wildlife in favour of any building project. They are blind to the long-term damage they are causing.’’

Train services have since been delayed or cancelled, causing overfilled trains in the early morning hours. 

Gammon said: ‘’There will still be delays and overcrowded trains.’’

Noise and car disruption has prevented residents from sleeping and parking on their road. Cardiff Council will not accept complaints for this under The Noise Act 1996. The closest thing to this stated on Shared Regulatory Services is Noise emitted from or caused by a vehicle, machinery, or equipment in the street.

Denise Sergeant said: ‘’My daughter lives in Beale Close. The parking is a nightmare with all their vans and then the noise day and night. Luckily, she is on the left as you approach the station; that’s noisy enough. Must be much worse for the people on the right.”

There is no finish date yet published from Transport for Wales. However, work is still ongoing, and some fear work will continue until the end of 2023.

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