Devon Cole’s new single ‘Call U After Rehab’

The American-based singer Devon Cole released her new single ‘Call U After Rehab’ along with her E.P., which came out on 10th March.

From her most famous single, W.I.T.C.H., which had over 40 million streams, Cole’s brand-new song sees a softer side to her life. Defiantly a more intimate piece into her real life and not fantasising about an artist’s appearance. When we look at artists, we always think they have a glamorous life: money, fame, relationships, and access to anything they want. But we must find out the inside scoop on an artist’s life. Well, in this instance, Devon Cole has, with only thirty seconds into the song, she admits: ‘I’ve got problems.’

The song is hollow, and the title represents Cole’s life going downhill. It is like she is admitting to herself that she is a human being that needs help. As she hints in the song, it’s locked into a relationship. The lyrics state that she has to let someone go to get herself better, ‘but I gotta get me back, can I call you after rehab.’ The way Devon Cole writes this song in pure honesty shows her intentions as an artist and how she expresses herself musically and lyrically, where she isn’t intimidated to step out of boundaries and her comfort zone.

The music is soft and upbeat, whilst her voice is mellow and swiftly glides along with an easy listen to the music. The sound is an easy and gentle beat which makes you focus on the lyrics, which is the main aim of her song.

Since signing to Arista Records in 2022, Devon has shot through the limelight, reaching stardom, and now all of the artist’s songs have over a million streams.

The E.P. of ‘Call U After Rehab’ came out on 10th March 2023.

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