Dachshund Pup-Up Cafe in Cardiff!

Words and Picture by Eleanor Fox

The Pup -Up Cafe team, hosted a pop-up Dachshund Cafe in Revolution, Cardiff, to unite all Dachshunds of South Wales to eat treats and make Dachshunds friends of all different sizes!

Pup `up Cafes started in late 2018, and as time went on more events were being hosted. Pup Up Cafe not only do events for Dachshunds but also for other dog breeds such as pugs, frenchies, poodles. These are set up not only in Cardiff but all across the UK with cities such as Bristol, London and Newcastle.

Throughout the event, the pups were enjoying their puppuccino, playing with toys and socializing. The event was split into two, with more nervous puppies going to the first event, then later on at midday was the main event with up to 40 dachshunds showing up to the event. A pop up shop was held at the event to allow owners to buy jackets for their furry friends so they can flaunt off their new outfit to the other dogs.

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