The Welsh woman who’s walking in traditional dress to raise money for charity

A retired woman is planning to walk the length and breadth of Britain in full traditional Welsh costume to raise money for charity and promote her national culture.  

Blodwen Morgan, 60, will walk around 180 miles wearing her Welsh costume every step of the way. 

Blodwen said: “All nations are fantastic, many colours make the rainbow but it’s just lovely to be Welsh. 

“When you go up to Scotland they don’t need an excuse to wear a kilt. And if you go to London you might see a few Beefeaters and Chelsea Pensioners. 

“I think wearing the costume is important to bring awareness of the Welsh heritage.  We wear it on St David’s day or when you’re little in primary school. Apart from that, unless it’s an international. we don’t really wear it.   

“I think it would be lovely to just wear it whenever you want to.” 

Blodwen is a proud Welsh woman who thinks the celebration of her country and its patron saint shouldn’t be limited to St David’s Day. 

Recently retired, Blodwen, who’s originally from Llandovery, moved to Cardiff to be near her sons. While walking around tourist locations like Cardiff Castle and the St Fagans National Museum of History she was shocked to see that no one was wearing traditional Welsh clothing.  

Blodwen decided she could combine charity fundraising with promoting the heritage of Wales. 

Blodwen, wearing a traditional “Welsh lady” costume.

She had last worn her costume on St David’s Day in Ysgol Rhys Pritchard, her primary school. She said: “In primary school wearing the outfit was really good fun, but then you get to high school and it becomes very uncool. 

“It gives you a sense of belonging.  It’s a nod to the struggles and history of the past. It shows respect and acknowledgement that Welsh traditions can go forward to the future. 

“It’s something we should be proud of, not embarrassed about.” 

Blodwen will be setting of in May aiming to raise at least £250 each for five charities.  

She’s walking around the Lake District for Cancer research, Norfolk for Macmillan, Swansea to Cardiff in aid of Welsh Women’s Aid, she’s joining the Thames Moonlight walk in London to raise money for the RSPCA and finally St David’s to Cardigan for Ty Hafan children’s hospice.  

And she’s even planned for hot weather with a cotton version of the woollen costume to keep her cool.  

And she hopes seeing her in her Welsh outfit will inspire others.  

She said: “My goal is to encourage others to dress up, even men. They wore it in the Rebecca Riots.  They were quite happy to wear costumes then, so they’re not excluded!” 

You can donate by visiting and clicking on the individual walks. 

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