Running At Night

By Ellie Spark

Grangetown Run is a group of keen runners who come together every week, on Tuesday and Thursday at Channel View Leisure Centre. 

It allows people with all running abilities to get into running and have fun with it. The group has up to 50 members, with them even turning up when it is pouring with rain. 

And most importantly, women feel safer running in a group. I spoke to Rachel who said she had been ‘heckled’ before running on her own. 

“I think the scariest time was when I was running alone and got heckled, that was very petrifying. And so being able to go running in a group makes me feel a lot better.” She spoke.

One man in the group said, “As a man, I do wonder how women feel running at night because I don’t really ever have to worry, so I do feel for women.”

As others shared ideas of, running in the daylight, having lampposts guiding their way and some even completely avoiding running in the dark altogether. 

But there are a lot of running groups in Cardiff that can support you, if you don’t want to go running alone, for example: 

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