Daisy Jones & The Six takes us back to the 1970s

image from Amazon Studios by Lacey Terrell

The first 3 episodes of Daisy Jones & The Six are out on Amazon prime. Starring Riley Keough as Daisy Jones and Sam Claflin as Billy Dunne developed by Scott Neustadter. Heavily inspired by Fleetwood Daisy Jones & The Six gives us an insight into what it was like rising to fame in the seventies. The series begins by following how the band started with the band being interviewed throughout years later commenting on reflecting on the past. The aesthetic of this 1970s show is nostalgic and is key to telling the story to set the era of time. From decor to fashion Daisy Jones & The Six represents the 1970s beautifully. Featuring songs such as “Dancing Barefoot” by Patti Smith Group from the era to successfully take viewers back to the era. 

The beginning focuses on The Dunne Brothers getting together and finding success in college but this is starting to look like it isn’t going to last long. The series doesn’t hide away the fact that being in the music industry then wasn’t all positive and early on shows us the negative paths band members went down such as extreme drug use affecting their success. 

So far the focus is on the two main characters Daisy and Billy and how they are very different. They are both following their separate music careers. By episode three they are put together when the band needs a new leading star to go back to success Daisy joins in hopes to save the band. Everyone is blown away by how amazing they sound together and the last episode leaves the viewer wanting more now we’ve seen the start of Daisy Jones & The Six being officially put together.

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